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Interested in research about , especially . And many other things :)

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Dear #science community, I'd love your help.

I'd like to get a solid grip on the effectiveness of permaculture as a design system by looking at the published studies. Sciencedirect lists 257 articles about it atm. Eventually, it would be just nice to write an article and put order in my head about the conclusions.

Now, how would you go for such a task?

I am starting by giving a definition of what articles I'll consider and which not and what are my goals, and have set up a database-like wiki to organize studies by theme and comments, but it still look like a vast, difficult task. I'd love any hint, idea, help from more experienced people!

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We were trying out this method of leaf propagation in class today, I can’t wait to see the tiny new plants emerge

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Just an FYI for people interested in the #SolarpunkFuture post. I've been sent lots of great ideas which I'm collating. Due to ill health I won't be up to publishing it until the end of this week though.

So if you would still like to submit something, please do. I'm still 'on it', just, well, slowly :)

If you don't know what I'm on about, see:


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consider goats.

They eat weeds and fertilize the soil to make way for grass and other garden-type plants. They also eat weeds *before* they eat grass.

No viable seeds survive their ruminant guts.

As commenter Jose Benitez writes, "It's kinda funny that with all our technology we are now realizing and relearning the old ways are not so bad after all."

Goats go where and do what chemicals and machines cannot.

After technological disenchantment, we are forced to re-learn ancient wisdom.

#solarpunk #permaculture #homesteading

Hello @orbifx Your bio reads: "I follow hashtags". How do you do that?

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Superknolle #Ingwer: Nicht kaufen, sondern ganz einfach selbst vermehren

Ingwer ist gesund und vielfältig einsetzbar. Statt aber immer wieder neue Knollen teuer zu kaufen, kannst du sie auch leicht selber anbauen und versorgen.


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Interested in research about , especially . And many other things :)

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I am sure you will also enjoy another pair of Graham Burnett classics, illustrating the difference between the industrial cup of tea and the permaculture cup of tea :)

Müsste wohl kochen, aber erst wird mit dem Kind gespielt

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Was für ein fauler Tag. I habe noch nichts gemacht außer diesen Account erstellt.

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