I want to start reading more highbrow, long-form cultural criticism and politics, but it seems that many publications like that have an off-putting paleoconservative bent. Any recommendations for liberal-leaning pubs where Werner Herzog gets more mentions than Donald Trump?

Politics, guns. 

Like, their entire worldview falls apart if the suburbs aren't the bastion of virtue.

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Politics, guns. 

Ok, one more politics shitpost, then I'm done: It speaks volumes about their geographical ignorance, and blind anti-urban bias, that gun nuts cite DOWNTOWN as a place with tons of gun violence.

We have to diversify away from fossil fuels.

It is good for the climate, but it is also good for our independence and security of energy supply.

With #REPowerEU, we take our #EUGreenDeal ambition to another level.


I really need to start connecting with fellow medievalists in non-social-media spaces again. I miss the reading groups and social hours. I guess I just miss having a part of my life that isn't hyper-politicized.

Mental health, substances 

Sat down at my computer for the first time in a couple days, caught a glimpse of some Latin text, and immediately felt the anxiety fall away. Like the first drag of a cigarette. My work is truly a refuge.

US pol, depression 

I'm going on an indefinite media blackout soon, because well . . . you know. Your CWs will be especially well appreciated.

I just don't know how to operate in this environment anymore. It's in my nature to want to know what's going on in the world, but my heart can't bear it. But narrowing my interaction with the world also doesn't bode well for my depression.

Good weepy thoughts 

My self-talk is totally different this time being away from my wife. Much less "I hate myself" and much more "Give yourself a break!" I love this, and I owe it entirely to my wife. I've never felt so loved.

Us pol, guns, personal fears 

To give you a sense of how bad it is, I'm not even sure I trust my dean enough to tell him the reason I'm leaving.

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Us pol, guns, personal fears 

And I'll be honest, I've felt ambivalently about this job for a while. First semester a libertarian student tried to bait me. Academic speech violations everywhere. No professionalism whatsoever. Students held to no standards. No striving for excellence whatsoever.

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Us pol, guns, personal fears 

I'm beginning to feel genuinely unsafe as a "liberal professor" in a red state. Like many of my colleagues' in the humanities, my politics are fairly common knowledge among students and faculty.

And most of my students come from families of rabid Trumpers. And now they're all itching to bring guns on campus. This is the first time I have ever considered quitting for my own safety.

Eating, weight loss 

Today my wife leaves for her annual trip overseas to visit family, leaving me alone with the cats for a few weeks before I join her there.

Last time, I kept forgetting to eat and lost 10 lbs. Let's hope this time is a little less pathetic.


confirmations now that cops ran in to school to save their kids. other parents got held down and threatened with tasers and guns.

every cop deserves to die, humiliated and alone.

Us pol 

Normalize referring to Republican voters as "those people."

Mental health, trauma 

I'm emotionally drained by all the shit going on. I fear it's becoming dysfunctional.

Jews? Pagans? 2,100-year-old Discovery in the Galilee Reveals Huge Mystery

We don’t know who lived there, but the inhabitants in this farm in northern Israel seem to have grabbed their essentials and fled, leaving their home and farming gear unusually intact


fediblock rec 

Just ran across pkteerium dot xyz, yet another free speech soapbox instance to throw on the pile, admin is posting/boosting libertarian conspiracy theory garbage #fediblock

I've never seen such a messed up chronology in the scholarship as that of the institution I'm writing about now. So many unfounded assumptions completely throwing off the chain of events; sometimes it looks like little more than guessing. I need to write an article just sorting this stuff out before I can even get to my intended topic.

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