Oh no the post-conference cold came in the middle of the conference this time!

Not a subtweet I swear, but here's a thought:

We're starting to imagine the demands of managed transition, in which we take it for granted that climate change means massive retraining programs for workers in fossil fuel sectors.

What if... that was also true of the humanities?

This week I'm at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference. It feels like 80% the former and 20% the latter, which is confusing because Mad Max Fury Road has been out for a while now, and it is objectively the perfect movie, so I am not sure what else there is to do or say in that space...

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I'm at a conference in BIOSPHERE 2! Show more

I'm at a conference in BIOSPHERE 2! Show more

I'm at a conference in BIOSPHERE 2! Show more

I spent a lovely evening enjoying this multimedia story about space probes, post-scarcity society, the nature of play, and football. It's glorious: sbnation.com/a/17776-football/

Today in my class we're discussing the long running Yale Six Americas study. How can audience segmentation research help inform strategic comms + our wider models of power?

In today's class I'm making my students role play as scientists giving a talk about the IPCC 1.5 report. But who will their audience be?

TFW, all the sudden, you have a dissertation defense date

I almost have a dissertation defense date!

Who my readers end up being will be determined by their availability on said date...

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stages of literature review:

1. I am a brilliant genius whose originality is beyond compare
2. [searches google scholar]
3. oh no
4. oh god no
5. like fifty people have done this exact thing
6. [actually reads some of the papers]
7. wait these are all related but not exactly the same thing
8. also some of them are not very good
9. oh this one is actually really helpful!
10. I am a brilliant, gracious genius whose originality is beyond compare

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