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A big neon sign above the entrance of every humanities building everywhere: "ACADEMIA ISN'T A FAN CLUB"

"I have database access! All knowledge is within my grasp! You have no authority over me!"

I guess being a (nonmedical) doctor means grumpily researching clinical trials for shoulder impingement treatments because you suspect your PT is phoning it in. Or, uh, at least this is what's happened to me post-defense...

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I defend tomorrow! I have done my best to prepare, namely prepping scones and painting my nail all gothy.

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Partner, arguing with the tailor:

Tailor: You just want to compromise the integrity of the tailoring for your comfort

Partner: Yes! How can I be more clear! I need to be able to sit down in these pants.

Tailor: You can sit down...technically.

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Opinion on the commemorative LGBTQ+ 2019 loonie Show more

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Canconception: the ability to intuit that a creative work is made-in-Canada without explicit cues

C.f. gaydar

Also, very excited to be participating in civic life in a society governed by white supremacist anti-queer misogynsts climate deniers but where I have citizenship rights and don't need to worry about being deported when I go out to protest. Wow that's a sad silver lining.

I left Alberta as an art historian right before the NDP sweep. Now I'm coming back to a UCP majority, but I'll be trained as a feminist, critical race, and climate comms scholar. I will be busy... (Fuck Jason Kenny)

Anyone have any experience with writing a 5 year research plan for a job app? Anyone know at least, uh, how long this thing should be?

(My big finished-the-diss gift to myself is a bindle & keep suit, which as a baseline comes with no less than 8 pockets--- I love you queer tailors you understand my struggles)

I spent part of my morning with a seam ripper, gleefully liberating the pockets in my conference clothes that we're sewn shut by the manufacturer (why???).

People of the world (but especially women's-clothes-wearers): you might have more pockets than you thought!!!

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