New paper! Media/networks/fiber/feminism 

New paper! Media/networks/fiber/feminism 

This is the first semester I'm not working as a TA/RA/editor, in addition to my own research.

Today's revelation: just because I am my own boss doesn't mean that I can't lie to myself and have a bogus Zelda sick day.

Plus also maybe help pivot away from a global future where we are all burned in a fire or tortured by scarcity

I've got a short essay in the latest issue of ESTS!
It outlines some of my thinking on the role of air travel in academia and how a shared move to could make for a more equitable global research community🛬📑🌍

It's not an academic article either, so chances are good you might actually enjoy it!

I have an article in the latest issue of Logic!
Read on for thoughts on energy transition, Moore's Law, and the hazards of bad metaphors 💻🌲:

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Can we call the upcoming decade the Screaming 20's? As we are all screaming in existential terror?

This is a reminder to sharpen your tools before embarking on kitchen feats

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It's a police procedural show, but all they have left of the witness to the crime is their ebooks bot

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Grading students ~ 

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Today's contribution to the republic of letters:
Assuring my co-authors that we can absolutely characterize speculative UNFCC deliberations as "spicy."

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