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Seems like quite a few people out there need to socially distance themselves from ecofascism

As a person who spent way too much early intellectual energy on ad busting, I assure you that this news hurts no one more than me.

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I regret to inform you that the Nike Training Center app is both good and free

Pandemic thoughts; food 

I now have a mature sourdough starter named Pliskin. This means that tomorrow we'll be enjoying Pliskin pancakes :BlobCatMelt:

I made myself a daily schedule based on one written for a 10 year old. It includes quite time, creative time, and academic time, as well as a lot of walks. Here's the outcomes from today's non-academic work: some collages I'm going to send off in a friend's mail art exchange.

Things that are looking pretty broadly reasonable right now:

- Nationalize, + plan for a managed decline of, airline & oil industries
- Universal basic income (or better yet, universal basic outcomes)
- Reversing decades of cuts to public healthcare and education
- Internet = a public utility and universal right

Got a conference paper without a place to take it? Submit to WASTE OF HISTORY, a digital workshop + impromptu sharing circle for orphaned research and emergent reflections on the times in which we find ourselves living.

Working from home, day 1 

Fun post doc vibes (sarcasm) 

The enviromedia folks of are organizing a DYI online conference now that the in-person one is cancelled. I'm actually pretty excited for it. We've been training for this!

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Message from me, a human trying to get on a plane today with a back injury:

Take a moment to stretch today, folks, and to be grateful for the ways your bodies can move!

Lately I've taken a pause from baking from recipes and just freestyling instead. Bread products of diverse shapes and reliable tastiness reliably happen!

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