I've been working on a zine about place and energy in Edmonton. Here's some of the illustrations.

Did you know that General Motors published a cartoon version of Hayek's The Road to Serfdom? And that it includes an illustration of a dictator snapping golf clubs over his knee like twigs while men perform aerobics in the background?

Invite the boba into your home, not as a guest, but as family

Bread bakings thoughts, covid 

Dutch oven works better than a cast iron pan for forcing a rise, though at the cost of minor crinkles on the side.
The pursuit of a perfect loaf and the pursuit of a Covid vaccine seem perfectly synced in time horizons...

My job today was to enter my mom's abandoned school and make a bunch of banners that the teaching staff could use to shoot an inspirational video for their kids.

This is admittedly better than writing alone in a cold, windowless office

I've only got about 3 hours of writing in me each day these days, so I'm spending my afternoons making a zine about energy, space, and my hometown. It's going well!

Just gotta make 200 of these things, and then I'll have a quilt... Feels like folding paper cranes...

I made myself a daily schedule based on one written for a 10 year old. It includes quite time, creative time, and academic time, as well as a lot of walks. Here's the outcomes from today's non-academic work: some collages I'm going to send off in a friend's mail art exchange.

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