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SINCE PEOPLE ARE ASKING im gonna break it down. how to accidentally take drugs up the arse 

@garfiald ok a) this is fucking hilarious, b) gOd I bet that stang ur butthole,, and c) there is this lil pocket in women's panties where u can hide stuff and i would advise this method for any future nefarious smuggling deeds lmao

Mean graffiti 

My office door (and many others in my department) seems to have been graffitied over the weekend. It's not outrageous (it's chalk, and seems to be an impersonal identification of the crocheted rainbow an ex girlfriend made me) but definitely unsettling...

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So a belly dancer won the Biology portion of Science's "Dance Your PhD" prize this year and I'm kind of freaking out about it:

So I'm at that part of my post doc where I look up from all the papers I've planned and think, 'Oh hey, actually I'm supposed to be writing a book...'

My wife has a dedicated Mastadon tab for my feed. I've been told that I need to toot more to fill its contents.

I have a good wife.

I taped my dissertation defense and am now 7 months later relistening to it so I can put together a revision plan for my book.
Time capsule advice is the best sort.

Super grumpy today to find a casual invitation to be an invited speaker at a distant event...

...because now I need to spend like an hour drafting a polite response asking if this means that they'll pay me...

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Mental health; vulnerability, + 

So a while back my therapist sent me a link to this TED talk on vulnerability and mental health. For a long time I cussedly refused to watch it because of my skepticism of the format ("surely nothing profound can be found in a TED Talk!")

But... I caved over today and vibed a lot with this researcher and her experiences. Maybe you will too?

Anyways, be nice to yourself, folks!

Food, meat 

I just spatchcocked a turkey. A frozen turkey. Woof.

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New print shop up over on INPRNT - Lower prices, higher print quality!

Check it out:

So I survivor's guilt a thing in academia? (Re: job market situation)

I need to assign this article in both my Intro to the Research Essay & Fashion and Culture courses. There's much to say about charismatic stats built on terrible data, difficulties in data collection because of global supply chains, and the devaluation of the garment industry as a site of sustained academic study...

Went to a workshop on Indigenous pedagogy today. Lots of exciting ideas, but it's going to be tough to accommodate them within the curricular/grade protocols of my department....

I met a legit ecofascist at a climate workshop today. He was really into permaculture and population controls for ecosystems (notably, humans in the Global South). It was disturbing, but I was glad to know enough biology and demography to blow holes in his bad analogies. Science against fascism, folks!

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Paul Baran's prophecies on the internet? 

Just finished reading Paul Baran's 1964 memo "On Distributed Communications" & I am struck by hauntingly prophetic statements like this: "We will soon be living in an era in which we cannot guarantee survivability of any single point."

New paper! Media/networks/fiber/feminism 

It all started when I brought a bunch of yarn into my advisor's rather freeform infrastructure seminar and tried to both teach the class how to knit and to argue that knitting provided a better vocabulary for network structutes than Paul Baran's classic diagrams. Proof that the hobby you pick up to escape grad school in the evenings is never safe from being reincorporated!

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New paper! Media/networks/fiber/feminism 

I have a new paper out in Television & New Media, co-authored with my old advisor.
We cover a lot of ground, including:
- why media studies should pay more attention to industrial software
- how software seeks to coordinate connections across supply chains (& therefore racialized workers and geographies)
- cyber/fiber feminism redux
- strange happenings in the NYC garment district

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