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(2/2) More interesting to me is that a lot of other professions could also benefit from this concept of adoptables.

I mean in research, what you usually share is a finished or mature project. Then you have and . Yet I think there is value in publishing project-drafts or ideas.

If will humor me with a social experiment, I'm going to start sharing
s. Things on my backlog, which other people might also be interested in, now

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Seeing how many promote nowadays, a thought occurred to me recently:

Is there more profit to be derived from "protecting" user/customer data (ex. ) than "using" or "selling" it?

On a per person basis, to be precise. Is my protected data (as a service) worth more than selling it to a 3rd party ad tracker?
What do you think ?

Please choose all that apply:

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I guess an is in order.

I'm Ahmet Akkoç, MSc Data Science student at IT University of Copenhagen 🇩🇰. I have been looking for a space to share my projects and research and seemed right up my alley.

More about me:

* I love ,
* and enthusiast, but cautionary of :3
* enthusiast, here to promote it on Mastodon.
* I get around, expect to see me all over the place!

Nice to meet you all (^_^)/


I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Assistant Professor (Associate Senior Lecturer) in computational linguistics at Uppsala University! Looking forward to this next adventure and to get to know about the Swedish culture.


I've really lost the thread on this Nikocado video.

Wait, if the Mastodon inteface is narrow enough it rearranges the interface, but it also hides the local timeline completely? I can't find a link to it anywhere.


Just got my first paper rejection as a faculty advisor on a paper led by my student (who btw is brilliant). Rejections happen all the time. Nevertheless, the sting is real. Academics, what do you/ your students find most helpful when your students receive paper rejections?



Terrifying. These researchers built an AI for discovering less toxic drug compounds. Then they retrained it to do the opposite. Within six hours it generated 40,000 toxic molecules, including VX nerve agent and "many other known chemical warfare agents."


Hey everyone, I still need at least two more people to take part in my workshop for my digital design thesis, the theme is "closeness" and you need no prior experience to take part! All you need is to give me your thoughts and opinions for about an hour. If you have time sometime soon and wouldn't mind sitting in a voice or video call with me please send me when you would be available to (include timezone pls!)

More details:

:boost_ok: #help

Rest and self care counts as progress imo.
Can't do anything if I'm emotionally wrung out

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Here's something about a writer, rather than writing, but...

Today is apparently seven years since Terry Pratchett died. To call him a favorite writer of mine seems to speak too mildly. He not only came up with so many memorable quotes and ideas but something about them made them easy to internalize.

One is "A man is not dead while his name is still spoken." It's certainly true of him, but a lot more than Terry Pratchett's name is still spoken.

The last time I mentioned "the Trousers of Time" was mere hours ago (I feel like it's rarely more than days).

Just this morning a friend recommended his books as an alternative to people fed up with J.K. Rowling's transphobia ("come to the flat side," she said of the Discworld books, heh).

And a month or two ago, what some of us have known for years as the Vimes Boots theory of economic unfairness has been enshrined as the name of a new price index in the UK (

He still feels so present in our lives and culture. I am very glad of that.

went to Copenhagen with a friend and went to a bunch of geek shops, picked up the Hamtaro Nendoroid and a Miku noodle stopper figure 🥰

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