I guess an is in order.

I'm Ahmet Akkoç, MSc Data Science student at IT University of Copenhagen 🇩🇰. I have been looking for a space to share my projects and research and seemed right up my alley.

More about me:

* I love ,
* and enthusiast, but cautionary of :3
* enthusiast, here to promote it on Mastodon.
* I get around, expect to see me all over the place!

Nice to meet you all (^_^)/

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@AhmetAkkoc Hey Ahmet! Visited your uni a couple of years ago. Welcome!

@AhmetAkkoc Hi Ahmet! welcome!

(I was part of a couple of years ago - idk if you would find that community interesting)

@AhmetAkkoc welcome to Mastodon, and I hope you'll have a wonderful time here!

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