I currently have accounts in two instances: here and Still figuring out how/why to use each, but thinking I’ll talk more about academic stuff here and frivolous stuff there. Anyone have tips on handling accounts in multiple instances?

@AstroKatie Opening each in a separate browser tab works well for me. Tusky lets you sign in to multiple instances and switch between them, too.
Using different icons might help keeping straight which you are currently on, in case the websites don't have colours that make them easy to tell apart.

Using multiple Mastadon instance accounts 

@AstroKatie I'm puzzling these questions myself. Starting to think my issues are because I actively enjoy a TL of people who share personal and professional info from the same account. I care about the personal and private stuff more in that case. And Mastadon seems to be more about splitting up/separating these things. Perhaps I'm just used to Twitter, and that's how it does it. Although I suspect also it's a good fit to my personality to enjoy the mix.

Using multiple Mastadon instance accounts 

@aidanbudd @AstroKatie Having been on Tweetdeck for years, there I run one column for @vcwatch - about vcs in tech and financings for tech, and one for @annejohn - #infrastructure and startup stuff. Don't know yet if that maps over.

@InvaderXan Thanks! Somehow putting that info in my profile did not occur to me!

@InvaderXan OK I added a link to the “main” account in my profile for this one, I think.

@AstroKatie maybe the 'unlisted' and 'followers-only' option can also come in handy for personal stuff - that's what I had in mind to do, but not sure if it's the best idea tho

@AstroKatie FWIW I gave up on that pretty quickly, especially since has been struggling under its load.

If you decide to consolidate, note the handy redirect feature at the bottom of the Edit Profile screen. ("Move to a different account.)


although sometimes things update slowly, so I'm currently keeping two tabs open. Periodically using this as a resource, though, when I just want to be able to switch between instances

@AstroKatie I highly recommend multiple accounts on different Masto instances the same way that I recommend multiple email addresses

That's kinda why I started this instance in the first place

I love being on but I wanted a Masto handle I could put on the last slide at a conference haha

@AstroKatie If you use Mastodon on Android, I highly recommend Subway Tooter - makes multiple accounts easily accessible without having to log in and out all of the time.

@AstroKatie I use a client that lets me colour code different columns, and it helps me reduce mis-posting. I also use slightly different avatars for each.

@AstroKatie I recommend having slightly different avatars to reduce the chances of posting to the wrong account by mistake

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