How the mighty have fallen... For 10 years I have looked up to people like Marvin Minsky and Richard Stallman. This whole Epstein case has really shown us the underbelly of it all.

Really depressing honestly, but its best that we know the truth so we can make our decisions from it.

I can personally reflect on my own hero worship and calculate ways to keep myself from falling for it again.

This also highlights a need for some much greater scrutiny in the whole scene and look at ourselves.

Amidst the recent crumbling of the tech elite and science research institutions because of the Epstein case, several voices like Danah Boyd, who was honored by the @EFF are now being heard, coming to light to share the dark truths about the misogyny and deplorable systems that have allowed powerful men to misuse and abuse.

Great piece on opting-out from Google, Facebook and others. The best line in the article is "Janet is thinking about launching her own satellite" for controlled communication. I also like her description of Digital Homesteading.

@EccentricElephant at least you are not alone 😀

Former MIT director Negroponte says he would still take Epstein money knowing that it was soiled in blood. He says you can still do good with the money... What a greedy bastard!

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Working on developing AI curriculum for middle school students and taking time to discuss algorithmic bias by sharing the work of the Algorithmic Justice League to discus the ethics of AI.

I am designing lessons for middle school students to explore topics in AI and we will be looking at Art first, and I am now genuinely intrigued by it. It makes us question "what is art?"

I recently wrote a brief article called 5 Things We Learned From Running Our Own Makerspaces, with tips for operating a k-12 educational makerspace.

gratuitous work selfie 

The End of Maker Faire... I have been seeing this come for a while, especially after failure to meet the demands of customers. It's sad, but also freeing of the term "maker". Maker Faire has influenced the last 10 years of my life, but in the last 2 years, I distanced because of the corporate feel of it all. I definitely prefer the more community-based hacker groups and FabLabs that will continue to thrive after this.

So... It's time for me to get a new laptop. Feeling done with Apple.

I have narrowed down my choices to 2 options: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon vs Huawei Matebook x Pro

Any thoughts or suggestions? Will be installing KDE

Have not done a proper sketch with line work in ages. Whipped this up in 2 hours. Nice meditative drawing 🙏

I have started a new project called Sunday with Seymour where I watch a video or read an article about the Constructionst Learning Theory creator, Seymour Papert and related ideas. Each week I will share thoughts and have even started an open forum for discussion for others to join.

I have been publishing on Medium for a couple of years, thinking of switching to Jeckyll. Any one else using Jeckyll to blog? Is it easy to setup?

Been thinking about ethics and technology (especially with AI) and how ethics could be better taught in schools. Starting with the idea of singularity. Currently reading this manifesto by Joichi Ito. Great quote here:

Hello! I am an expat living in Hong Kong, soon moving to Thailand, working as a Learning Experience Designer in K-12 computer science. I am studying Constructionist Learning Theory and soon hope to start my PhD. in Technology Education

I am "popsicle" to 3 homeschooled kids, I like and

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