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Interested in science and the natural environment. Have studied basic engineering, biology and then geology. Got a MSc and PhD in Sedimentology and an equiv MSc in pedagogy for higher education. I have worked in geophysics and computer science now mostly in environmental oceanography. I am passionate about the Ocean. I left Academia and dedicated my life to fighting industrial plastic pollution on the West Coast and islands of Scotland using circular economy. Consultant sometimes

Music that deserves a bit of advertisement (Heavy Psych) 

If you are into trippy rock music, this "unknown" band from Paris area will entertain you for a while. They are about to release a new album.

Someone name dropped Ernst Haeckel here recently which legally and morally obliges me to post two of his many intensely intricate zoological illustrations.

music discovery Dario Mars and the Guillotines 

Interesting band unknown to me at the edge between jazz and prog

You may find this article on how to maintain and fund open-source projects interesting

flower drink 

First Time my elderflower fizz is not too bad. Didn't add any yeast and it did the job in 2 months.

A new planetary boundary has been crossed according to scientists in a mammoth study of 'forever chemicals'.

No rain water anywhere is now considered safe to drink, all having levels of PFAS/PFAAs above that deemed fit for consumption. Some of these are understood to be carcinogens & immune suppressants, persisting indefinitely in the environment.

"The cycling of PFAAs in the world’s hydrosphere means that levels of PFAAs in rainwater will be practically irreversible"

For those of you who follow & enjoy my space & astronomy content: is there anything you'd like me to observe that you've always wanted to see?

I'm open to requests! Consider me your cosmic DJ 🤩

I'll do my best to find your requested targets in the sky, and share the images with everyone here. If I'm really ambitious, I may also host a livestream(s) to give you all a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

Please consider boosting to help spread the word!

moving box archeology 

Found this while unpacking boxes... Feeling a bit old

foraging documentary UK 

Featuring Mark from Galloway Wild foods, a big influence for me

new music 🎶 

Polly Scattergood has released a new single. Used to listen a lot to her first album when in Copenhagen

My #FP4 (#Fairphone 4) is driven by #UbuntuTouch now. The performance is very smooth and basically everything works out-of-the-box (except from flashing the device). Well done everyone. Let's get the new hardware port upstreamed/released in the #UBportsInstaller.

A big influence on the way I developed myself professionally is stopping. Agile* Geosciences was an eye opener to me and also made me realize that other people wanted to do science in a similar way as me. I really wish them the best as these people are a bunch of extraordinary individuals.

#oceanplastic recycling 

That's it, we have finished shredding all our stock of hard plastic except some fish farm feeder pipes (too many). That's hundreds of kg of plastic that would have stayed on the beach or been buried in landfill.
We are looking for a new workshop on the Isle of Lewis to expand our activities.

triple 🌈 

With a fault in the middle
That's a new one for me in the 🌈 country

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