Please join in solidarity with hotel workers in #SanDiego and several other cities demanding fair pay and safe working conditions from #Marriott/#Westin.

#Demonstration 5:00-7:00 pm Monday at Westin Gaslamp Hotel, just south of Broadway & 1st Ave., reachable by Blue and Orange trolley, and several bus routes, all of which are on a SUNDAY SCHEDULE today.

Organized by UNITE HERE Local 30; more info at


I think the only violinists who really GET Felix Mendelssohn are James Gikas and Hilary Hahn. Who's with me?


The world does in fact need a federated crowdsourced-yet-expertly-moderated , especially for niche terms and whatnot, to drive the CrapUrbanCrap CrapNotADictionaryCrap out of business.

So, to the rescue! Look them up on (you'll need to get your Greek keyboard-fu on for that lower-case lambda), and see what they're up to in this regard. And maybe fund them. Yeah, fund them!


Fellow proles, yeah sorry this is but please go there and follow @UoK_precariat, our comrades at the University of Kent.


"On the job, people, teams, and divisions are ranked, reward for the top, punishment for the bottom. Management by objectives, quotas, incentive pay, business plans, put together seperately, division by division, cause further loss, unknown and unknowable." -- Dr. W. Edwards Deming as quoted in Peter Senge's management classic The Fifth Discipline. (2/2)

"Our prevailing system of management has destroyed our people. People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-respect, dignity, curiosity to learn, joy in learning. The forces of destruction begin with toddlers-a prize for the best Halloween costume, grades in school, gold stars-and on up through the university." (1/2, see replies)

Also, "biological sex" is also a social construct. Have a nice day

The Journal
Issue 4
September/October 2006

Page 5: toki pona li toki pona
This edition’s featured language.

@aral we live in a bizzaro world. Moving from a mac to linux and the impression is 'wow, things just work'.

Wasn't that supposed to be the impression going the other way?

May I have the envelope please?
....aaaaaaand the Oscar for "Best Monograph Title" goes to Rebecca Woods of the U. of Toronto for "The Herds Shot Round the World: Native Breeds and the British Empire 1800-1900."

Britpol, but actually USpol could do with some of this.

The new issue of The Speculative Grammarian (a satirical linguistics journal) is now available! Enjoy!

"Wagner's operas end long after they are finished." --Stravinsky. And yet I did see the whole Ring in one week at the Met in 1990 and enjoyed it. On the "day off" I went to Lloyd Webber's "Aspects of Love " and when it was over in 2 hours I was like, "Is that ALL?"

wants me to from version 2.37 to version 2.39.1.

Why is it that that large number of decimal points in the new version number doesn't fill me with confidence?

Chelsea Manning calling in her new video statement to #AbolishICE, and to change the #prison system as a whole.

'they imprison the poor and the volunerable'


'together we can do better - together we can win - together we can #AbolishICE #WeGotThis #OccupyICE

Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use #leaflet and #openstreetmap


<<Jurassic Park: The Startup, about a company that decided to just not worry about the regulatory angle and release thousands of dinosaurs directly onto the streets of San Francisco >>

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