This fall, a youth-adult partnership Design Team met after school and over weekends to take the idea of school back to its foundation: what should school be for? After training in Restorarive Practices, Formal Consensus, and Design, we went to work. Action research in our communities, storytelling, and study of model schools resulted in this published School Plan:
The Design Team will reconvene in January to continue this work - we'd love your feedback on this vision!

We have published our first article about our vision and work in a new journal, "Re-imagining a 21st Century Democracy," published by the Swearer Center at Brown University. Check it out if you're horrified at the ways school reproduces anti-democratic politics, like we are.

Participatory Design Conference 2018, Hasselt & Genk, Belgium. We're presenting a hands-on workshop tomorrow about disrupting the hegemony of anti-democratic educational reproduction. Come by if you happen to be in the neighborhood! Or ask us about it later if you're not!

Design Thinking + Restorative Practices + Formal Consensus
...that's the bedrock of our praxis. Come to Belgium to hear about it, learn it, practice it, bring it home!

Want to learn how school design impacts democracy and politics? Come to our hands-on interactive workshop at PDC2018 to DO democratic school design...

We have written a curriculum to guide a design team of youth and adults through the process of deliberating democratically towards the creation of a new school... We would love feedback!

We're a non-profit school design firm committed to participatory democratic practices as a way to build schools and a way to learn. Excited to be here!

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