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C_Daetwyler @[email protected]

It's entertaining to watch the campus repopulate for the spring semester, while the handful of staff and students who stayed on campus over the holiday slowly emerge from their lairs and blink at the sudden crowds.
(I freely admit to being one of the latter befuddled stragglers :) )

I recently chanced to pick up J Murphy's "Location-Aware Services and QR Codes for Libraries;" it's 6 years old now. Anyone out there these days using QR codes in libraries, archives, museums, or academic/outreach work? Have they been useful for you?

Classroom buildings with no students in them always feel a little strange.
Enjoying the quiet day to get caught up on planning, though!

The relief of realizing a few hours BEFORE the deadline that your grant proposal has a typo in the first sentence....

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Hello! Recycled academic, working in physics education while getting my MLIS in my not-so-spare time. Interested in inquiry-based and interactive education, metadata and classification research, and anything fun to read.
(they/them pronouns)