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if P turns out to equal NP, were gonna have to seriously rethink transistors. 🤔

How much Darjeeling is it going to take to get me through these lab outreach report revisions?

This bibliography is at 10 pages and still going. I think I'm in trouble.

Whee, new projects appearing before previous ones complete!
Anyone have any recs of favourite readings on current issues in Knowledge Management? (A topic I know next to nothing about so far....)

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Astro folks, what's the best conference/meeting/workshop code of conduct being used these days? What's been missing in those you've seen recently that should be added?

My apologies to everyone who was waiting for something from me. Several projects blew up on me this month (only one literally, the others metaphorically), and I've been unable to keep up with online life.

That awful feeling when you have to set aside the things you want to be doing to put out metaphorical, and occasionally literal, fires at work :/

Picked up Nicholson & Seale's "The Politics of Theory and the Practice of Critical Librarianship" at the library tonight, and I am intrigued.

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this was a huge digression from what I was supposed to be doing today, but I think these plates of waveforms from recorded speech made by Théodore Rosset in 1911 (using a weird photographic method?) are gorgeous (source: archive.org/details/recherches)

ElasticSearch, why must you haunt my dreams?

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The awkward situation when the one really busy hour in the lab all day is the same hour you're trying to attend a webinar on curriculum planning....

That moment in the final pass through revising a paper when you realize that moving sections around means you now have an interface responding responsively. Oops.

Nothing like waking up to discover the the file you were working on last night was corrupted and you lost all your revisions.

Whee, the fun of having to go through and correct your own pronouns after your coauthor changed them. :/

There's something melancholy but comforting about spending the afternoon after a faculty memorial sitting in the lab writing while the rain roars outside

Curious: Does anyone out there make use of the National Science Digital Library, or related STEM education resources like ComPADRE?

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I love how this translation of Gorgias is from 1987 but it has the structure and rhythm of every pointless internet argument ever

SOCRATES: What's this, Polus? You're laughing? Is this now some further style of refutation, to laugh when somebody makes a point, rather than refuting him?

POLUS: Don't you think you've been refuted already, Socrates, when you're saying things the likes of which no human being would maintain? Just ask any one of these people.