class shenanigans 

So I accidentally got the assigned book for my class in Portuguese instead of the translated English version

Cuz like? My brain read the Very Not English title and didn't recognize it as a different language? Just as Words I Can Read?

Any other bilingual peeps who experience this?

I also tend to say things in Portuguese if I read or someone speaks to me in Portuguese, which has confused my very White boyfriend a few times

As is with every start of the semester, I am unfoundedly confident that I am prepared
Unlike the last two years however,
I am aware of this and guess what 2019?

I am very sure and confident that I will beat your ass into submission.
Here's to great grades and simultaneously keeping my blood sugars in control!
(Go insulin!!)

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When you only have 700 some odd words left to write before you're done with ALL your finals

It's like having the emotion of the final lap in Mario Kart and you're in first place smashed into a ball and stuck in your chest.

Or it's anxiety

Either way :BatteryOkay: :BatteryOkay: :BatteryEmpty: :BatteryEmpty: :BlobCatGooglyShrug: :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

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In this picture you're looking at the sun from inside the sun's corona.

Think about that for a minute. This is closer to the sun than anything human-created has ever been.

The two bright arcs shooting from left to right? "two distinct jets of solar material, known as coronal streamers."

The bright spot on the left? That's Jupiter. Almost 500 million miles away.

Sometimes we can do pretty amazing stuff, we humans. In a pretty amazing universe.

angry cursing about Omeka 

Finals Stress 

I hate how some of the only primary sources I am able to aquire as an undergraduate in America of 1800's rural Pernambuco are written by rich, racist, European fucking tourists.

Because yeah that's what I need to understand a slave's life in the Sertão of Brazil is a white old man's accounts of how dirty and uncivilized they were.

They're lucky they already dead 😤😤

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On punching up 

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Joke about media and representation 

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New Mastodon contest:

Who can be the most wholesome?

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#MeToo in academic medicine 

Time to actually start studying for them finals,,,,,,
Anyone else's study methods literally just read and highlight?

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personal statement: i want academic challenge

program: academically challenging


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Watching tumblr burn down & twitter be a hot nightmare & feeling blessed mastodon is like. Actually moderated! It feels weird after so long to have a community that actually encourages you to be an entity & feel safe!

Truly, half of my experience in college is writing about books/articles I never read...and yet...I am some how passing my classes

I've really gotta stop procrastinating on my papers...😭😭😭

Hey Y'all, I'm a 20yr old undergraduate getting her bachelors in History so that I can become a high-school teacher at some point!

My interests outside of school are drawing, painting, writing, coffee, and lots of Netflix.

I speak Brazilian Portuguese (I was born in Sao Paulo!) and I'll be learning Spanish come January. Can't wait to meet y'all!

👌 👋

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