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BHM, fedi boycot 1/2 

I'm boycotting the fedi this month for .

W.E did a defed for reasons of antiblackness, & the debate became about being racist towards primarily non black poc, meaning the fedi again shows it doesn't care abt antiblackness; the convo centered ppl NOT Black. That's a problem.

On top of the fact that white ppl were doing what they could to erase Blk voices or being demeaning towards them whilst misusing AAVE, bc it didnt serve their narrative. And they weren't checked 🙃

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Please engage w what I say
Not what you want me to have said
Not with your projections
And not w ur own insecurities

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There's a lack of ethical engagement on here and I think it occurs because of several reasons, but none outweight the negative

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Personal notice 

Any sign of the same nonsense I've endured on PV will have me delete this account with no questions asked fast.

I am professional scholar and artist, and I take my work seriously enough to no longer make space for the bs.

I will NOT take the abuse with grace as I've done for nearly 3 yrs.
I'm here to learn and to educate. BC that is literally my job.

Now lets go
for nonblack people, “white supremacy is pitting us against each other” isnt like... an alternative to acknowledging the generational antiblackness in yalls communities i hope thats very clear. im seeing this phrase being used to obfuscate the hierarchies reinforced by nb ppl

that video was filmed in 2018, written about 2017

still rings true

What may not get noticed right away is that I am also talking about the violence of white/white passing femmes and women

who hold on to power dynamics in order to justify the violence they do to WoC/Blk women

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For , Lambda Films released a short of a poem I wrote titled "The Body"
& what we can consider colonial gender collide here in this work during the rise of , but notice who gets publicity in these discussions and who does not

like a whole george zimmerman don't exist

making money off what he did

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i wonder how many times Black ppl on here are going to have to repeat that non black poc can and often are anti black before ppl will listen and believe us?

the same ppl trolling Italians will frame the grandchildren of Italians in Argentina as people of color to justify being antiblack and racist towards visible Indigenous folks

I am going to continue side eyeing non black poc and white ppl who go to white women literature on race instead of visible women of color and Black women

Esp DiAngelo


final note
ive done alot for and in this space and ppl are erasing me and what i've done here

ur fav hashtags, community initiatives, fun times, movie nights, music boogie wookies and more
i did that
and so much of what i got back was harassment, stalking, antiblackness, xenofobia, misgendering & many ppl allowed it to happen bc they refused to deal w the fact that victims of other kinds of violence??? were making me their victim to their violence.
& it happened bc actually blk/indigenous/femme

Been here hypervisibly on a Blk instance for 3 yrs

aint shit new here
nothing y'all are going thru I've not been thru 10x worse

ppl are talking abt 'in case you didnt know' - i been knew and im bored af

your race/intersectionality/gender takes are boring bc we did that on tumblr before Blk/Indig femmes got booted from there..then from Twitter


you have poor SM history
ppl acting brand new bc theres new Blk/PoC here & you wanna think youll be nicer to them than you were to PV bc u antiblk

stop lying about who said what where

stop subtooting

show receipts or shut up

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if there are ppl on here that are in the service of white supremacy, misogyny and antiblackness etc etc etc etc why are we coddling their shit?

ok now how did your life change did you get the guy or gal or enby did you get the job did your house get any bigger did money get put in your account what happened from you tearing down another person

did you get liberation from the shackles that is your insecurity ??

are freer now that your white supremacys pet?

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apparently 'fren' is a nazi thing but my Black home girls use it all the time and I've only seen it in that context

ie. sisterfren

so what is the truth? or is it ppl making up bullshit again bc they need to feel superior to others ?

Damn if those last rb's arent the most telling about the start of BHM on this gaslighting site

anyways, back to boycotting this white af space for BHM bc I deserve better

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