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BHM, fedi boycot 1/2 

I'm boycotting the fedi this month for .

W.E did a defed for reasons of antiblackness, & the debate became about being racist towards primarily non black poc, meaning the fedi again shows it doesn't care abt antiblackness; the convo centered ppl NOT Black. That's a problem.

On top of the fact that white ppl were doing what they could to erase Blk voices or being demeaning towards them whilst misusing AAVE, bc it didnt serve their narrative. And they weren't checked 🙃

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Please engage w what I say
Not what you want me to have said
Not with your projections
And not w ur own insecurities

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There's a lack of ethical engagement on here and I think it occurs because of several reasons, but none outweight the negative

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Personal notice 

Any sign of the same nonsense I've endured on PV will have me delete this account with no questions asked fast.

I am professional scholar and artist, and I take my work seriously enough to no longer make space for the bs.

I will NOT take the abuse with grace as I've done for nearly 3 yrs.
I'm here to learn and to educate. BC that is literally my job.

Now lets go


today is the last day you can order a print!

Images from my photograph/performance series titled "La Sangre Llama"

signed, numbered, dated
A2 size printed a local business here in Barcelona

If you're interested in Afro-Indigenous Puerto Rican art, here you are

as i near getting ready to close this acct, here are some updates:

1) I will be having a flash print sale this week on my website of fine art photography. Look out here:

2) will commence when I am settled emotionally but it has to wait just a bit longer.

3) Will make a bot for MarciaMail but no actual interactions via fedi

4) i have an email address you can reach me at for other inquiries

when are ppl gonna realize that collectively 'the left' aint shit


It’s especially clear when white folks use it against Black users. I’ve seen your fav’s do it.
It’s giving clear anti blackness

and tbh, calling that out? if thats what the meta is about which i think it is...

is not racist. If you were to read the literature of Black ppl, you would know that. but you erase Blk scholarship, Black ppl and Black subjectivity from any parts of your analysis

Not me tho, yall be easy in your poorly informed wahala LMAOOOO


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you know what voices i dont see in this meta?

Black folks.

I have a wonder why: A) theyre not out there enough as a target for ppl. And we thank god

b) we know that non black people of color depend on antiblackness to get ahead

Blk ppl on here have talked abt that over n over again. It's why BIPOC is an ever increasingly unpopular acronym

Its why Blk ppl i kno dont use PoC bc it blankets the experience.

Masks the antiblackness & racism from PoC using their race/ethnicity against Blk ppl

people ...

the fediverse isn't the place to have any kind of proper analysis on race (as a starter) not bc most of the users are white, but bc most of the users that are white have no concept of how whiteness works & have dont lil to no reading by Blk/NB PoC writers.

thats why yall trip up

So this thread from Twitter:

Like I was saying. Gender and whiteness? All wrapped up in one another.

Theorizing about gender only goes so far if you stop at interrogation of whiteness and the creation of what it means to be a human.

Wynter taught me

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I didn’t expect so many responses to this tbh! So please excuse my not responding to them all. I won’t rb either just incase ppl dont want their business out there

But seeing yall talk abt the importance and accessibility of these sites makes me feel better abt basically being forced into it for many reasons

Money sucks, we dont get paid enough to afford this material and thats a problem discussed at length

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if youre a student, and willing to share, how crucial has pirating been to your ability to do the research you need to?

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i haven't really been on here in earnest so idk if the local timeline has had a conversation about how important or vital free resources have been for students during lockdowns across ... all over
with libraries closed and websites opening up for ppl (i.e. jstor) free/pirated books have become the back bone of research is a statement i am willing to bet on


Community tools like are here and used and now archived bc an Afro Indigenous femme and a woman got sick of ppl's shit

And we BARELY got any donations or support when we reminded ppl and asked to help us out

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