We're already under a lot of stress, uni's are still expecting us to produce whilst being able to access less :/ so like

rest is important

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I wrote just under 1k words yesterday. I'm wondering if today I should take a break and go for a long walk this afternoon.

Or for a swim in the evening

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I like being in an instance that feels like a teacher's breakroom.
everyone's just like, 'I am exhausted, but I love this, but also I hate it? Idk who knows I might find another job. Pass the coffee.'

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I'm hiring:

1) a lecturer (equiv. asst. prof.) in Design Research (0.7fte, 3,5 days/week) hva.nl/vacatures/1107273/Lectu
ATTENTION: this lecturer must hold a PhD at the time of hiring.

2) a lab assistant who is well-versed in creative technologies (0.2fte, 1 day/week) hva.nl/vacatures/1113962/Lab-A

3) a studio assistant who is an empathetic "people-person" and can coach students in their design processes & team dynamics (0.4fte, 2 days/week) hva.nl/vacatures/1107320/Studi

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never getting over my partners' dad almost picking up the Florida serial killer lady aileen
and then his step dad meeting walter mercado while building sets for univision

two very different vibes

Thesis update: this current chapter has more footnotes than any other chapter so far

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@CaribenxMarciaX history is a discipline that you need a therapist for because of how deep into the darkness of humanity it goes

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Doing colonial studies means having to sit w history and stories that are difficult to read about

and then one has to write and write about it and contextualize our present. its our jobs as historians

but its not always mentally or emotionally easy

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@CaribenxMarciaX Indeed. I found that the writing became very secondary (but for a BA, so not really applicable), because reading and internalizing is what needs to happen, so then writing just happens on it's own because your mind has processed what it needs to put the words together etc.

Something I have been wondering about is pacing in regards to research and writing.

3 yr program (in theory) 103k words due (more or less)

thats 25k a year ish, 150 words a day ish to hand in on time.

How do I know that sometimes I move too fast? I dont know.

There's no serious formula I know. I just wonder if I am moving too fast or not fast enough.

just thoughts

So, in talking I realized that literally 90% of my reading material this year, and honestly last year was 99% all digital resources.

I've been doing my utmost to try to curb how much paper waste I do, and how many books I purchase.

My eyes hate me, but the planet is better off so we do what we can.

I dont think I'll get an ereader bc that would be *another* device and I feel like that would be too much (ie why do you have so much stuff)

I'm pleased to report that my uni library offers me the books*

**the mendeley citation for the books, not the actual books themselves.

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When I have to spend almost $200 on books and its required

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Me digging through the internet for free academic resources

So the resources i need for the chapter on theology aren't available for free online sadly

thanks a lot muse

anyways, i threw them in my cart and if i get them itll be about 175 bucks.


Me digging through the internet for free academic resources

If you're a subscriber of line, you will know my feelings regarding decolonization and post colonialism. Still ruminating on this.

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Brazilian trilingual indigenous political rap <3


(covid-19 themes, violence)

Re reading about the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

Then creating a TL from that to Iberian casta systems, then to border movements in New Spain to Chicano phenomenalogy

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