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"The dilemma for social movements on the Left is this: ‘how can we instrumentalize Black energy & Black bodies for our agendas, without our having to be authorized by a Black radical agenda?’"

— Frank Wilderson, “Radical Cities/Radical Lives” panel at the Oakland Book Fair, June 15, 2015

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"Ifá is the preservation of the ancestral wisdom in Yorùbá culture which gives guidance on how to make the right decisions on the journey towards developing good character. Ifá is not a doctrine of belief; it is a way of looking at the world."

- Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi, 2013

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New #FreshCuts post for $5 & $10 Patrons!!!

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If you become a patron you can see projects develop before they go public ^_^

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Y'know what's really nice? When my areas of strength and expertise are recognized and sought out. That's really nice.

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This week's History.Expert posts:

🐮 Edward Mitchell Bannister’s Cows:

✒️ Guest Post by @lj_writes : The Dragon’s Son Defeats The God Of Plague: The Story Of Cheoyong:

📖 Book review: The Lost King of France: How DNA Solved the Mystery of the Murdered Son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette:

📚 If you like studying/writing about history and would like to write for us, @ me. :boost_ok:

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I almost forgot—yesterday was my 1-year doctoral defensiversary


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hey y'all if you've got some full stack or other tech skills and we've hung out at all hmu bc my company is hiring remote and they're surprisingly good in these times

There’s no white women of color.

I know theres a joke but honestly...

The way critical race theory is set up i hope more ppl get it together and read about it

I’m definitely revisiting Black Marxism and you all should too

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@CaribenxMarciaX @Cyborgneticz
The second Great Awakening did a lot of work for abolitionism and women's suffrage, which could relate to your topic. Malcolm X and MLK were not women not caribbean tmk but they were black and religious and VERY progressive (duh). Found some interesting sources on Malcolm: footnotes are handy
X co-authored this

Dr. King's essays on religion:

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@CaribenxMarciaX @Clumsey_Wordsmith when it comes to Marx and religion, I think later Marxists are better than Marx. A lot of Liberation Theologians do a switcheroo of 'I'm not a Marxist but here's my Marxist analysis' to not be assasinated, so there's a bit of uncovering involved in that. For your research, I'm not sure how helpful it'd be because the authors while dunking on their Eurocentric views and needing to have a politics of Latin America are still mediating that line.

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@CaribenxMarciaX No. I mean, we had socialism before Marx & Engels, didn't we? What about Henry George and Charles Fourier, or Pierre Joseph Proudhon, or Pyotr Kropotkin?

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@CaribenxMarciaX my personal view: not everything ofc but it helps to include some materialist analysis where relevant because it is so interrelated with so many things. What do you think?

This is not meant to be shady. At all. But

Does Marx *have* to be included in everything?

My first thesis was titled The Gonzo Museum of Ethnology

You're welcome

So I no longer feel like I'm reaching. But there's often this moment as an Afo-Indigenous Latine when you're doing research or collecting information, archives, where your ancestors are present but are simultaneously erased at once. "mejorar la raza" + assimiliationism on part of some of our ppl for survival means that mestizaje is a dominant voice. Both in and out of our lands.

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So I read a bit of Latina feminist phenomenology and felt that although some of it was very salient regarding the immigrant, in and out of border experience were on point, there was still a lot left to be understood.

And what I notice is a dominant narrative regarding Latinidad, and a gap when it comes to HispanoCaribbean womens voices.
Which I hope to help fill.
That said when I brought up Anzaldúa's name (she being the forefront of this work) I was met w disdain for her colonial set up

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