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please examine yourself for antiblackness, misogyny, and specifically misogynoir.
i know i need to. i keep catching myself in assumptions and beliefs that have been seeded deeply in me through media and society.
it's an ongoing process.

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i wish people would treat black women better so they weren't forced out of these spaces

we need them here

not because we should expect their work (although actually we do too often depend upon it, which we should not)

but because without everyone, this is not the revolution it should be, and a revolution that does not liberate black women is worthless

I came to the roof for quiet and there's a yipping dog


Thinking about using an app like scrivener since so much of what I do is research based.

Any other peeps round here use an app such as this for PhD writing?

The spot I wanted to go for happy is closed til 5 so I gotta hunker down at hellbucks until then but new notebook!

Ngl I'm waiting for @D_Blakely to tell us more about their research

And maybe tips on PhD working

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my research's audience? uh..well...pretty...pretty much other scientists....mostly just other scientists. yeah

Uni updates 

The review from director was glowing

i present my first yr this week

and my director will quote my work on afro indigenous, intersectional phenomenology



So this halloween im going to be David from Schitt's Creek

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Wait, there are people on the Fediverse who don’t know that is full of racism, sexism and transphobia? Come on, it’s been on’s blocklist since 2017! It’s the first instance we ever blocked.

Typing my thesis on a typewriter would be a project

and also I'd channel the experience of being like my mom in the 70's typing out her dissertation

Also anyone seen those 'typewriters' but its electric and the screen is like an e-reader? those look bomb as well

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Welp, I got one. It's a 2015 portable retro model that belonged to the antique shop owner's dad. It was already a quarter of its retail price, and the dude gave me a discount because my sister and I have always stopped there whenever we hang out downtown.

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"Critical race theory acknowledges the inextricable layers of racialized subordination based on gender, class, immigration status, surname, phenotype,accent and sexuality (Crenshaw, 1989, 1993; Valdes et al., 2002)"

Finally getting to the motion of writing Latina feminist phenomenology chapter, and re-engaging with *new mestiza* as a concept.

patting myself on the back for having been well into my 30s by the time I read this. because by this point i had already developed my own concept;

write yourself onto the page
deviate from romanticized whiteness and afro indigenous erasure

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Queering the tea/soup distinction: toward an ontology of hot liquids I have spilled on myself recently

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Black feminists: intersectionality. the specificity of Black women's experience, of Black lesbian experience. the blurry borders between Black lesbians' experience of race, class, gender, and sexuality, because all of them are made concrete and specific by all the others

white people: intersectionality... is when everything is the same,

I'm not a journalist so I have zero knowledge about ethics in publishing or journalism yet here I am trying to pitch

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Suspendidos dos vigilantes del metro de Barcelona por pelearse entre ellos

El extraño altercado se produjo en la estación de Espanya de la línea 3 el miércoles por la noche

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