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BHM, fedi boycot 1/2 

I'm boycotting the fedi this month for .

W.E did a defed for reasons of antiblackness, & the debate became about being racist towards primarily non black poc, meaning the fedi again shows it doesn't care abt antiblackness; the convo centered ppl NOT Black. That's a problem.

On top of the fact that white ppl were doing what they could to erase Blk voices or being demeaning towards them whilst misusing AAVE, bc it didnt serve their narrative. And they weren't checked 🙃

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Please engage w what I say
Not what you want me to have said
Not with your projections
And not w ur own insecurities

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There's a lack of ethical engagement on here and I think it occurs because of several reasons, but none outweight the negative

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Personal notice 

Any sign of the same nonsense I've endured on PV will have me delete this account with no questions asked fast.

I am professional scholar and artist, and I take my work seriously enough to no longer make space for the bs.

I will NOT take the abuse with grace as I've done for nearly 3 yrs.
I'm here to learn and to educate. BC that is literally my job.

Now lets go


Community tools like are here and used and now archived bc an Afro Indigenous femme and a woman got sick of ppl's shit

And we BARELY got any donations or support when we reminded ppl and asked to help us out

a photo of Jasmine Camacho-Quinn with the Puerto Rican flag BABY



a white tennis player that choose to represent usa instead of PR was on twitter with her bs against jasmine camacho quinn

but no words on puig whos "puerto rican" side are ppl from catalonia. aight. the colorism
the antiblackness, the anti diaspora of it all

she deactivated her twitter account 😬

anyways. white latines can stay mad, bc Blk women have been killin the Olympics this yr

Meta, fedi behavior 

Picking up something and shitposting to the heavens until context flattened and truth doesn't matter

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Meta, fedi behavior 

" Essentially, Twitter has decided that ‘Troll Makes Bad Tweet’ is major, national news, which it is not. While not 100% analogous, this type of ‘trending’ aggregation is somewhat similar to what places like Fox News do when they pick out tiny local stories and broadcast them to big national audiences. It distorts reality, flattens context, and invites a whole bunch of people to jump in and get good and mad."

This is what ppl do here & got jewish & blk folks to leave fedi 🤷🏾‍♀️

white latines are not BIPOC

theyre white ppl from Latin America

how we still here w this?

it's non binary day so i wonder if white people are talking about how Europeans created the binary in the first place and how to dismantle their whiteness from their queer politics on top structurally wrt to queerness

Citation generator Poll

it's funny how there's a verge article about the fediverse/mastodon and the problem of racism that centers on gab but PV was around that time and there's no discourse on the racism wrt ... You know what, nevermind.

PV has been erased in multiple ways and I just gotta live and deal w that

Fundraiser that a Blk sex worker is organizing
"Currently fundraising for a beloved fellow Black organizer, a strong pillar in our communities for decades."

pls boost/donate if you can

The fedi policies Black and of Color rage too much and I don't like it.

:sips coffee:
please look up the definition of words *before* you use them

most of the latines on here (most of em white anyways) , NB PoC and others onhere are this tip so good luck achieving that revolution you speak of

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"Stop getting talking points from the people who malign identity politics and intersectionality and can barely tell you one thing about the people who actually originated these ideas."

a blk woman on twitter but I don't wanna link bc ppl get brave

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