Hello Scholar! I'm Artist Marcia X & I finally got my account here!
I'm doing a Masters in Research of Art & Design, or Artistic Research at EINA in Barcelona.

My thesis project:
'La Sangre Llama' is a body of performance and photography/video work exploring this post colonial body (Puerto Rico) and sites of colonial violence in a city (Barcelona). I would say this project explores a lot of what is unseen of monuments, statues and spaces of historical significance.

@rusty ah thank you for checking it out!! :blobpats: I have to admit i havent' updated in a while but uni has taken a lot of my time.

@CaribenxMarciaX Yeah, the university is like a time-vaccuum or something.

@rusty i always think i can do other things when i get home and all i want is food, shower and animal videos

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