Gab, Nazi's, Bigots, "other views" 

It doesn't ever occur to, particularly white cis hetero men, that for someone such as myself, 'debate' or 'hearing other views' has been a part of my life since childhood.

Frankly, debating issues regarding race or sexuality isn't an academic like adventure that happens within this neat little controlled environment.

This has been a near everyday experience w bigots. ++


Gab, Nazi's, Bigots, "other views" 

I am for one, tired of debating my existence to others. Which is what the convo's always boil down to. You can yell at me until you are blue in the face that they deserved to be heard, as if that does nothing to my mental health, bc again, they want to let me know that I have no right to exist, fundamentally.

You think that me defederating does more harm? It doesn't. It keeps me sane & healthy. ++

Gab, Nazi's, Bigots, "other views" 

You don't even for once consider the fact these ppl have jobs in which their bigotry affects other ppls lives, their childrens lives, their health, their education, their access to services.

Black women die at high rates giving birth bc of bigotry, students are sexually assaulted & given gag orders when they report it, I can go on.

You dont have the range but assume that you do, that's how your white maleness works.

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