So people gonna recognize Southern leftist organizers who have been doing work of getting voting access AND doing radical work?

Looking at how the FBI is raiding protestors homes in Atl even as votes are counted.


@Cyborgneticz Black Americans** specifically, too

Indigenous folks turned out in the South

Puerto Ricans as well** specifically

IF we dont talk abt Blk American, especially women, that did the work (in this space) then we're missing such important contexts of the convo.

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@CaribenxMarciaX Yes yes yes. Stacey Abrams (love that shes a Spelman alum) was so important.

I love that this election is one of the first where I see people really coming together.
All my undocu folks would try to sign ppl up and even other Latine ppl would wave them off. All my friends mostly Black Latine are talking about the communities coming together to support one another during voter suppression bullshit.

@CaribenxMarciaX I'm so happy to see my home town and city where I lived for ages coming together in the way I saw on the ground, but what was split up by voter suppression n racism n prejudice.

It just feels So damn good.

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