Nobody needs white guilt. What we need is white responsibility.

white guilt rant 

@CaribenxMarciaX Yeah like... white guilt is really a protestation of white innocence, because white people can point out that none of them caused this current state of affairs. So they get to feel bad and make racism about them, AGAIN, by harping on how awful they feel about this undeserved guilt. Nobody cares omg. Or they get to say, oh, it wasn't me, it wasn't my family! It's just the flip side of the same coin, this ability to choose innocence or guilt based on convenience, but always they're the victims, the unjustly accused. Meanwhile do BIPOC get to opt out of racism? No.

So fuck guilt. White people need to take responsibility for the kyriarchy which they benefit disproportionately from, but which is ultimately a false bill of goods that is destroying their fellow human beings, the Earth, and themselves.

White guilt is just another emotional game white people play, and we have no time for games. This is a time for the hard work of moving forward, and white people can get on with it or get left behind.

white guilt rant 

@ljwrites I couldn't have said it better myself

you're amazing

white guilt rant 

@CaribenxMarciaX I learned from the best--i.e. you :blobheartcat:

white guilt rant 

@ljwrites @CaribenxMarciaX fuck yes keep sayin it !!!! White guilt is another way for white ego to hijack the conversation. It is pure bullshit, lets get right about this

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