This screenshot snippet from the interview w Miya Ponsetto, "the 22-year-old who allegedly attacked & falsely accused a Black teen of stealing her phone." is the perfect example of the problems with PoC solidarity & non black poc and their antiblackness.

Being a PoC doesn't mean you can't be racist, fedi and the world at large in a nutshell

@CaribenxMarciaX if- for whatever reason- you think that it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to exhibit problematic behavior and methods of thought, you are probably doing it right now.

LB: Here's a nuance I see missed about this topic. If you think in terms of people "being racist" rather than "enacting racism" it is easy to fall into thinking that people of color can't "be racist". But _anyone_ can further the work of any oppression.

It's not that people of color cannot enact racism… it's that white people cannot be the target of racism. There is a difference.

A queer person can enact homophobia. A Black person can enact anti-blackness. A woman can enact misogyny.

Let alone a non-Black person of color being able to enact anti-blackness or a gay man enacting biphobia or whatever shades of identities might exist in a sort of… cluster of… things. I don't know the right noun there, but hopefully the point stands.

@benhamill this is why I stopped "identifying as a feminist." Instead I try to "practice feminism" or "support feminism"--simply "being a feminist" is meaningless if I don't examine my actions.

@alpine_thistle Yyyyyeeeeessssss! Also, like, if I have to tel you, “I’m feminist,” something is probably amiss. Ideally you should be able to tell by my actions that I enact feminism (or whatever other work).

It also gives us grace to fuck up and not get into a label war. I have certainly enacted misogyny in my life. Hopefully I have worked to undo that work and/or do counter-work.

@benhamill I think the point about enacting bigotry rather than being bigoted is a good one. I've had way too many people change the subject to intentions to duck out of learning how to act accordingly.

@RecursiveRabbit Yeah. Or explode in anger with, like, “Are you calling me a racist???” 🙄

@CaribenxMarciaX "italian, greek" goddammit why are we like this it's so embarrassing :facepalm_g1:

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