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Help us at PV, the Black instance chased off the fedi, continue to build a new platform for users that allow for actual safety here:

My content includes art documentation, writing, philosophy and more.

So if you're interesting in Black, Indigenous and Latine art, performance and philosophy, you will probably enjoy my content

" “The mestizo and the queer exist at this time and point on the evolutionary continuum for a purpose. We are a blending that proves that all blood is intricately woven together, and that we are spawned out of similar souls.” (Anzaldúa, 85, 1986) Most importantly, I ask questions about her need to utilize casta, colonial race science and the mechanisms of nation state identity building (post-independence) in order to create a heuristic of resistance; fundamentally, is it possible to do so?"

@CaribenxMarciaX where can I read more about "chased of the fedi"?? I hope that's not true. I don't understand how that would even be possible.

@deafferret There's no where to read abt it. It happened. PV is shut down. It is true, and tbh it feels a bit gaslighting to be told 'i dont understand how that would even be possible' bc racism but specifically antiblack racism is prominent, esp in this digital space.

People are racist & have biases. People don't like Black folks that talk abt their experiences. NonBlk PoC don't like when Blk folks tell them theyre being antiblack.

@CaribenxMarciaX I'm trying to be supportive. It makes me angry if POC were chased off the Fediverse. But with no information I don't see how I can help, or even understand how I could try to help.

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