y'all are not refugees

you're new users on an established social media platform


@CaribenxMarciaX yeah, that seems very insulting to actual refugees for people to style themselves that way...

@jayrope @CaribenxMarciaX Well, when you say that the influx of new fediverse users is “only” due to the silly man. Many people have been dissatisfied with the other place for some time; recent developments have just pushed them over the edge. And then the wave of new users itself becomes an attractor: you’re more likely to find a conversation that interests you.

@jayrope @CaribenxMarciaX For me: I’ve had Fediverse accounts for years, but I didn’t have many friends here so never really engaged. The emergence of a strong local instance at and the recent influx of disaffected users from elsewhere has made it feel welcoming to me.

@jayrope @CaribenxMarciaX I can appreciate the concern about the influx. Perhaps this will be a new September That Never Ended and ruin the fediverse. But I am hopeful that the mechanics of federation and the freedom of association it implies will prevent that.


It's a Tom Petty Song. It just struck me

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