fediblock, unblock suggestion 

a lot of instances have feminism.lgbt on their suspension lists. This is because it has been a TERF instance. However, a quick look at feminism.lgbt reveals that their domain has been taken away, and instead, you are greeted by this text:

feminism is for everyone

feminism is nothing if it excludes queer people, queer black people, queer people of colour and queer disabled people.

this place used to be the home of transphobic, homophobic and racist feminists, who called themselves our allies.

now it stands as a reminder that our solidarity will overcome their bigotry.

Therefore, you may want to consider purging data related to this domain and undo the domain blocks for that domain.

#FediBlock, more like #FediUnblock, I suppose.

fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@kescher err, it was never a TERF instance, it was used for griefing

fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@ariadne I am going by what instances give as block reasons. According to those: Overwhelmingly a TERF (+ a lot of other shit) instance.

fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@ariadne and still, even if it was griefing: it is quite obviously not owned by the same people anymore.

fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@kescher my point is that the #fediblock hashtag has the same level of accuracy as the town gossip, or perhaps TMZ


fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@ariadne @kescher i dont know if this is a new account and youve been here a while, or if you are a newer member to fedi

but this is a very bad faith understanding of what the hashtag does

but good thing is you dont have to engage or use it if you dont want.

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re: fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@CaribenxMarciaX she's a former pleroma dev, you'd probably recognize her from the old username kaniini

re: fediblock, unblock suggestion 

@sixthhokage95 @CaribenxMarciaX

Oh, thanks. That would explain a great deal. :/

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