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I just came back from a meets /#comedy evening and it was awesome.😂 🤣 we need more of this, cause scientist can be funny and comedians can be smart, the luminescent bananas are proof!

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artist stretches 

@extinct You probably have stretches down already - but I've found this a useful reference. I don't do all of them, but I find the Cat/Cow quite useful. I think there's a variation of the Cat/Cow where you also go into "Resting Child" (I can't remember when/the breathing for that) which is the same but with arms stretched out in front.

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Pantone's colour of the year for 2019 is called Living Coral. It's a reminder of one of Earth's threatened treasures.

Ocean acidification is one of the major problems of climate change and it's ravaging Earth's corals, destroying Reefs which are millions of years old.

Coral reefs support some of the most extensive and diverse ecosystems on the planet, and their die off is a major contributor to the ongoing Holocene extinction.

Playing songs and trying to make '"garanteed succes" pancakes as breakfast. Well at least the happy spirit is here 😄🙃

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Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm an emerging professional currently working as the in a small house museum in my hometown.
Along with I enjoy various , , and crafts. One of my favorite things to do at work is show people how , , , and the like are all intertwined and help others make connections with the past.

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Look I am thirty-fucking-seven and I now have a partner who I met in like, actual Siberia of all places, who does not leave our flat in the morning without making sure there's a pot of tea waiting for me

so hey there 20-something lonely hearts: good things happen, and they come to us in unexpected places and in unexpected people but they do happen and it's really great and I know it's gonna happen for you too.

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4) When actually writing (or whatever) you may have to dive back in -- be specific about what you need here!
5) Keep a 'for later' pile/file. (It's OK if you never actually go back to it, too.)

Not to say that is always works, but it helps.

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@ratking 1) Accept that you will NEVER be able to read, or even find, everything on a topic.
2) Come up with some idea of what a "good enough" knowledge of the topic might look like. Obviously, this is going to take some research! (Danger! Danger!) You might have to revise this, but it gives you a framework to start with.
3) Stop when things are feeling familiar. You've already read something like this before. That's enough for now.


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wearing headphones even when im not listening to anything because i dont want people to think theyre entitled to speaking with Me

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The Smaller Wood Nymph (Ideopsis gaura) spotted at Fraser's Hill, Malaysia, on 20 Nov 2018.

This butterfly glides through the forest canopy, sometimes dropping down to eye level. It's left alone by birds because it has a distasteful taste.

After 'torturing' me for a few days, this one finally decided to land and I wasted no time in getting shots of it.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Photography #Malaysia #Insects #Butterflies #Papilionoidea

On iNaturalist [ ]

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Oh boy! That's quite the question! Hmmmm....

I recently learned that Nicobar pigeons are the closet extant relative to the Dodo! And they are soooo pretty too!

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Did you know that sea otters have the densest fur of any mammal? With over 1 million strands of fur per sq. in. they do not need blubber to stay warm like other marine mammals. Instead they have a combination of outer waterproof guard hairs, and an inner fluffy insulating layer!

You've probably seen pictures of a pair of otters holding hands while they sleep. Groups of otters like that are called rafts and hold 10-100 individuals at once. The biggest group recorded was 2000 of um!

I've just started watching (Once upon a time), a documentary on the Royal Institute for Natural Sciences and it's amazing, thus far they talked about the 🦕🦖 found in the mines and of specifically insects 🦋🐜🦗 and wow! The way they talk about their passion and the . 😍

I've just started watching (Once upon a time), a documentary on the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences and it's amazing, thus far they talked about the 🦕🦖 found in the mines and of specifically insects 🦋🐜🦗 and wow! The way they talk about their passion and the cinematography. 😍

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Reminder to all users: Your worth is not determined by whatever you got done or didn't get done this week

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@yiffpolice ok but like

at work we insist on saying STEAM, the A is for Arts

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hello! my name is kat, I'm an undergraduate astronomy & astrophysics and physics double major at a school somewhere in PA. Currently I'm working in a particle astrophysics lab, though that may change in the near future.

Obviously I'm super interested in space, but I am also absolutely fascinated by history, anthropology, and linguistics- so don't be surprised if you see me pop up in your notifications☺️

it's nice to meet all of you

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I will not rest until everyone in the fediverse knows I have one (1) egg waiting for me at home

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