Hi, I'm Chloé, 24 and I'm a masterstudent in industrial engineering with the focus on environmental sciences at the University of Ghent, Belgium. My thesis subject is biochar used in constructed wetlands. But I have a broad interest in all kinds of science such as biology, astrology, medicine and overall engineering!
Looking forward to meeting you all!!

Ok, I just now notice that it should be astronomy and not astrology, I hadn't had my afternoon coffee yet 😂 ☕

@Chloe oh man I studied some stuff related to constructed wetlands in my undergrad and I'm so fascinated. Please don't hesitate to post excessively about it--be as nerdy as you want! Also welcome!

@SallyStrange I'll try to keep you guys updated, have to say I'm still very much in the startup fase :p

@Chloe Wonderful, no pressure! I just get excited about stuff like that.

@Chloe You can delete and redraft, you'll lose your boosts + favs and this thread, but it is a possibility.

Or you can post a new introduction and pin it to the top of your timeline so when people look at your profile they see it as a first post.

and hi!

I'll probably make a new one later. An edit option would be great here, but oh well.

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