I wonder if people would jump to Mastodon quicker if they could use Facebook authentication. I wonder, though, just how invasive even that is.

I just want FB to die as soon as it can. Of course I'd also want some of its functionality in something like Mastodon.

I have to ask, does anyone else have all this extra space?

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Scholar Social meta; instance longevity 

However, I'd like to think through a plan for long-term governance of the instance, including answers to the following questions:

* How should changes to the instance's terms of use/code of conduct be handled? (Should we vote on new policies? Who votes? Etc.)
* How should instance expectations and rules be enforced? (Should we have a team of other moderators?, etc.)

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Hey! I'm a Cognitive Science undergraduate at McGill University. Hope to see this take off!

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