I am almost recovered from pax East and can safely say I am almost back to a new sleeping pattern.

Zenkaikon was good time but next stop is PAX East, if you are going feel free to say hi

tomorrow I will be at Zenkaikon for the weekend of you are going feel free to say hi

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I love ducking into talks in the AI track because half of them are “It would be cool if you made an AI that could generate this kind of story. End of talk” and then the other half are shit like this

I normally don't do Kickstarter but if you like a good outdoor game I can highly recommend this one. kickstarter.com/projects/71569

When you realize the noise you heard earlier while reading turns out to be someone going through your trash and taking things

Cleaning and listening to the AAF, off combination that works

For those of you who like puzzle games that like to turn expectations check out Baba is You for PC or Switch

Also here is a longer list of panels that range from silly to academic. May your free time escape you for a month watching these.

Do you like academic panels about music and video games? need something to binge watch? Here you go

Good morning. have a meeting with the new CTO today should be Interesting and trying to gauge the new head honcho

Good morning how is everyone doing today?

weird question I got for today: could I justify a historical panel about the civil war at a nerd convention? I mean history IS nerdy.

I had to explain how to do diagonal movement on a hex grid, I was then told I was a wizard for knowing this.

My Monday is now going to be taking in multiple sales calls from software companies, thank goodness for the weekend

I think I am too old for instragram. for what it does it does really well but having to take pictures in order to post is something I am not hard wired to do

it appears the thing that was supposed to take place today is now tomorrow,my nerves are going to be shot by the end of this

Largest single purchase in a day? New Matress for 2000. The woes of being 6'2"

The pains of buying a new mattress when you are a person who is both tall and large. It is tricky to get the right manufacturing processes to ensure that after a few months the thing wont sag under your weight. Just when I think I got it...the price hits :( it is going to be a doozy but will need to call on Monday due to some address stuff

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