Open question do you know of anyone who streams themselves doing academic research?

@xj9 less reading to themselves and more finding the foundation for a lecture to be given elsewhere so like a creative group sprint

Don't forget also "profusely swearing when you cannot find a closed form for and integral that clearly should have one"

@Coldguy I thought about it, then remembered I read books and talk about them

@Coldguy this would be so immensely boring to watch. I'd just be sitting on discord, sometimes checking a progress bar or staring at a screen full of equations for half an hour before fixing a symbol or two 😂

@starfish haha well that's a valid point I'd think there are people that can hold a conversation and listen to music while reading

@Coldguy I'm now imagining some ASMR-style vid of someone editing a presentation or manuscript formatting haha

@noctiluca Talking quietly while adjusting powerpoint transitions does sound appealing.

@Coldguy Absently petting a cat and replying to emails while it rains outside...

@noctiluca Dedicated camera on a cat napping on top of the computer while doing it should be peak ASMR

@Coldguy What? Like a continuous couple of years of slowly moving microscopic quantities at a lab bench, mixed with hours of reading, & hours of squinting at data on a computer?

I can't think of much that would be more boring.

@Coldguy I've done a few short youtube videos of my spiders, but that's such a tiny fraction of what's actually involved.



I've seen less interesting gamevideos and less interesting 'action' movies.

Lord of the rings was once even considered too boring of a concept.


@webmind @pzmyers @Coldguy

is this how we cultivate the citizen scientist? monetization of streaming thorough and reasoned scientific process?

because that may actually be something I can get behind a bit

@Coldguy I don't know if figure drawing and art anatomy research counts for this question, but that's the kind of thing I tend to do on stream before taking commissions!

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