I've been working on a python script designed to help work through our COVID backlog.

Here's why:

1) We did not ship-hold any of our physical materials during the pandemic.

2) Items were received but never cataloged and fully processed to the stacks.

3) Upon our return to campus, titles needed to be fully processed and moved to the stacks ASAP.

More details coming soon.

I'm Jason, an academic based in Los Angeles, CA.

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I recently left the "nest" in search of a new digital home. I hope to share musings/discoveries in my both professional and academic life. I would also love to connect with other librarian scholars as I venture out of PhD work and deeper into the profession within academic libraries.

Having a blast playing with some of the Pegasus abstractive summarization models this morning. 😀

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On fediverse, remember that your admin has access to their instance database, and can read whatever you post, and whatever posts you can read, no matter what the access level is (and this includes DMs, of course). This is not significantly different to monolithic social media, except that the admin potentially has a smaller pool of people they can spy on, if they're so inclined. You should always share particularly sensitive information via end-to-end encrypted chat, no matter what platform you're using, fediverse or not.
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