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I am so tired I am drowning myself in caffeine so I can do things. All I want is to go to the gym to trick my body into being energetic and then sleep forever.

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my favorite part of the day is the frantic



my haircut is scheduled to be in two weeks, but god it's awful

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I keep thinking <<wow why am I so exhausted>>
I spent 3 hours looking for one answer in a text and ended up having to cobble together a theory based on some of Gramsci's arguments and external literature. I want to miss seminar and home n sleep.

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The Prison Experiment movie scared me and I didn't finish it

@Cyborgneticz I really do not like Critical Role and similar popular shows because they skew perception of what D&D tends to be. Like, shit, they’re trained voice actors with so much financial support—your weekly home game just is not going to be like that...

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My weird roommate is still watching Critical Role and I hate this

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my partner still doesn't like being my weird roommate but maybe if he stopped telling me about conspiracy theories he wouldn't be the weird roommate

my partner/weird roommate <<so do you cook when I don't>>
me <<uhm I make gumbo and jambalaya on special occasions>>

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