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QAnons running for US Political Office 2022 

As of now there are 19 candidates.
Check to see if your state has one!
Keep in mind Anons such as Tracy Diaz are in city councils in places like South Carolina, so check to see who is running on your councils.

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Ancient Aliens just told me that swords are made by aliens and plagues are also aliens so just a fyi we got a bad case of aliens

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Parasocial relationships are a lot.
Recently people have started expecting a lot from me, a lot more than I can give.
I love sharing. I love bonding with people. I love teaching. But I am a person with an illness that makes me seize if I get too stressed. And I'm getting stressed.
I can't handle the intrusions into my personal life or heightened expectations. I entertain a lot of that On Here because I'm worried about doxxing. I want to connect, but I also want boundaries.
So here's a bit 1/

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Making a grocery list is just workshopping your voresona

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I love that journaling started with Puritans being like 'I need to record my failings'
which makes my current journal a historical reenactment

straight men describing women is always hilarious - recently a straight man said that a woman "let out" a "half moan" when she smelled his fragrance (dior sauvage)

let me just
prevent my eyes from rolling into my skull

my VNS generator (the np was VERY adamant than its not a battery) has 8.2 years left

but the new version is pretty cool it can turn itself on outside of regular programmed shocking

if you have an albertsons nearby, always look in there on fridays for their $5 Friday deals which tend to be a lot of pre-prepared foods or other convenience food like from the deli. package of 2 large potatoes, pre-cooked, stuffed with cheese and bacon? thats a whole lot of calories for $5.

you can find even better things in the richer neighborhoods bc rich people dont give a shit about sales

btw I am fully intending on starting my AP Gov class in this outfit + my brocade vest

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there's no better feeling than collecting up articles to read. I'll have a nice day tomorrow reading some during my free period!
all I need to do is add more literature and research n change my citations and it should be good to send elsewhere I hope

Working k12 is so demanding. End of the day I have energy to research and do that work, but any type of interaction and lesson planning is gone.
No energy for that. Only energy for research type work, which is good I guess? 4 weeks in. What a time

Masks are really devastating my ability to remember any student or colleague's face. I accidentally started teaching a class that wasn't mine, cause mask confusion.


Teaching consistently makes me slow down and rethink what I view of as common sense. Mutually educative.

I think reading Robespierre and having looked at some art and read the textbook is a LOT.
And making a Manifesto in class will be a fun and interesting way to apply the readings. Also I might end up making that an going project.

I get to wear a tshirt to school today so of course I chose this one

I'm thinking of wearing my puffy pirate shirt Wednesday when we talk about Robespierre.

I will be reading his speech, and then asking the students to develop collectively a manifesto in class for the French Revolution

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