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Nonbinary is not the same as gender nonconforming, and the way nonbinary identities are presented (particularly in academia) and discussed limits and erases nonbinary people who do not present in ways that people "expect."

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when anyone brings up Hegel at a party
me << I can feel the spirit of history taking me outta this room >>

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Wittgenstein & talking nonsense 

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Why Mr. Rogers is important today 

Gonna send a firm 'idk' to the enbyphobic student by dressing really fucking weird.

I just realized that the student who was aggressive towards me was aggressive because I am trans.
My partner pointed that out to me. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, and my partner told me that the student in expressing transphobic beliefs on gender was also attacking me for being out as nonbinary

But it might be better esp since one student is focused on bodies to ask them who they think androids represent, and to not mention it, and we will talk about it friday....

Alright so I'm planning on waiting to tell the students that the androids are the Other, specifically the androids are being used to talk about race and disability.
I talked about disability, and I talked a little bit about race, but because it's a critical analysis class I want them to get to race on their own. I know a lot of the white students aren't realizing it, so I might wait until we are done with the text like the final day and ask who do they think androids represent.

HRT doesn’t have to always be about “switching” your place in a gender binary. It can literally just be a way to change your body as you see fit, it really shouldn’t be inherently gendered.

the goal of education should always be to uplift and empower. if it doesnt, it is not education but discipline

imo it’d be good to normalise enbies who take Estrogen but primarily express themselves in ways associated with manhood, and ones who take testosterone but primarily express themselves in ways associated with womanhood.

since two depressed school teachers sniffing a can of sardines are about to discover the true meaning of tolerance... in the Twilight Zone.

The fact that there are zero bank of America around really makes my life a pain in the ass

This is why indigenous liberation is a unified struggle that is not confined to any set of imaginary borders dictated by settlers. It necessitates a global movement. The violence against indigenous communities is tied inextricably into the modes and apparatuses that have perpetuated climate change through Settler Colonialism and Neoliberal Capitalism.

Sometimes I look back and am like 'damn I really could have said this and it would have been way better' but o well

Love the binder hate that it pushes against my implant so I feel it more and its weeeirrrrddd

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