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I, for one, never get sources or information given to me in a dream, and I think my subconscious needs to get on that shit.

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Ancient Aliens just told me that swords are made by aliens and plagues are also aliens so just a fyi we got a bad case of aliens

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Making a grocery list is just workshopping your voresona

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I love that journaling started with Puritans being like 'I need to record my failings'
which makes my current journal a historical reenactment

I wanted to go for a run but instead I am convalescing from stress

I think it would be cool if universities had more resources in place to teach students about recycling refunds local to the area they are living in, as well as informing them of where their waste streams go. E.g. where does our waste go for composting? how much gets composted? what is it used for? where does our waste go to be incinerated? what are the consequences of that for the neighborhood?

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actually probably hasn't realized it

saw it for a moment and then went home and was like


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the best part of my week so far has been watching the worst person at book club realize everyone hates them


holy shit it was a Bad day
I have a stress headache and may simply wither away

teaching after a long weekend is horrible

:boost_ok:​ Can anyone recommend a nonprofit, or a company doing things that are beneficial for society, who's hiring software engineers in europe?

Officially giving my students Cajun French nicknames and it's very entertaining

I'm not angry about things I didn't learn in high school
I'm mad that because of low pay some of the best teachers I've had left education

There are many reasons to stay in a career, but guilt is not one of them

If the system itself doesn't make your work sustainable, it is very fair to leave even if you love it


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I feel like care industries are hard to leave because of the moral pressure of 'you're doing good things'

But sometimes
That's not enough

Alright so
I write a lot, and I'd like to get paid for writing

any idea of how to do that?

I have kept a journal through my entire graduate school process
the idea being - I'll have something to look back on and I appreciate it for entries like

'wrong meds for 5 days. I feel like shit.'


'I've never been more distraught' I think I had to rewrite a chapter for the 4th time

it's making me laugh

I have my dissertation defense talk trimmed to 5 minutes.
I have practiced it on 1 person.

I shall practice it on a thousand more until it works

Also I'm at work SO early

Black & Indigenous artist and scholar @CaribenxMarciaX 's fundraiser for financial stability is past the 2/3 mark, less than $300 will take it to $6,500!

my EBR library card is officially deceased
it was the best library system

- us weather: florida, urgent 

Get out of the Tampa Bay area now.

Map via

All you need to do is take 205 pages of content and talk about it for 5 minutes, while also being me
easy peasy

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Alright couyons - which one of y'all can I convince to read my dissertation and then defend it for me

Don't worry I'll send you some of my clothes and a wig and videos of me talking so it'll be super easy

Alright got all my needed notes for what to do for my defense
Will have another meeting to go through my 5 minute presentation (dear god my original presentation was 30 minutes)

And it'll be good and fine!

I'm sweating so much lmao

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