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Ancient Aliens just told me that swords are made by aliens and plagues are also aliens so just a fyi we got a bad case of aliens

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Parasocial relationships are a lot.
Recently people have started expecting a lot from me, a lot more than I can give.
I love sharing. I love bonding with people. I love teaching. But I am a person with an illness that makes me seize if I get too stressed. And I'm getting stressed.
I can't handle the intrusions into my personal life or heightened expectations. I entertain a lot of that On Here because I'm worried about doxxing. I want to connect, but I also want boundaries.
So here's a bit 1/

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Making a grocery list is just workshopping your voresona

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I love that journaling started with Puritans being like 'I need to record my failings'
which makes my current journal a historical reenactment

Me: period
Openoffice: semicolon
Me: period
Openoffice: semicolon
Me: period
Openoffice: semicolon
Me: period
Openoffice, after I removed a speck of dust from the monitor: period.

Now at a point in my life where blazers are a thing I need. Alright.

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Ordered a blazer cause the only one I have is a gift from someone who is much shorter than me and it is too tight and doesn't fit at all

the only reason I am liking this Jeff Goldblum Hot Wings episode is because I love Jeff Goldblum

I think I'm just gonna keep that part of my mind blank for a bit and to the side cause I really can't do anything about it so stressing won't help

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I'm like...low key nervous about this teaching demo - mostly cause I won't know what class it is for or what it should be about until all of a sudden it's here.

job search 

On the second round for another school. I really appreciate that they were honest about being a white flight school.
Like nothing I hate more is people hiding the school's racist history, and it seems like a really cool place!


been taking meds for like over half my life, and I still think people who put their meds in their mouth Before water are madmen

who does that
my pills immediately start dissolving and are so gross

trying to decide between Bad Bunny or Mitski today

The BF is very lucky because I'm looking like an actual big titty goth girlfriend today, on this here our anniversary.

@Cyborgneticz damn lucky i didnt get cornbread in school. and idk what my pan is made of, steel maybe? cast iron would be ideal but pretty much all of my cookware is from goodwill so

angus update 

we gave him a chickpea and he knocked it under the dishwasher

another time I got roasted by a student 

one time a student of mine asked me if I practiced slow living
I said no, and the kid went, 'yeah I could tell'

wow The Shivas' lead singer looks like every boy I knew in high school but in 2014

that's not great

Mitski 'American Girl' is a classic and Imma play it for class


I'm intrigued to see how this class will go. I'm integrating Mbembe's theory of the dark side of democracy.
I'm trying to use what I am learning now for what I will do in high school. People struggle when reading, in general, to remember that the author was located in a very specific time and couldn't know what's happening today. I try to include lots of historical examples to show Why these folks would have had these arguments but I think its something I want to teach as early as I can.

I've never had to train any dog I've had, so if I get a dog that needs training beyond bathroom - this will be a struggle

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boxers are a winner, they just hug you and won't stop shaking and how great is that

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