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Wittgenstein & talking nonsense 

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Why Mr. Rogers is important today 

estrogen-dominant hrt, transition, super common misunderstandings 

Just hyperventilating because my medical funds are low. Not going to cry in my office it's fine

had to take $500 from my medical fund for bills and food that's fine and by fine I mean terrible

I am so glad my family are the type of Cajuns who think marshmallows on top of piese and shit is gross.

British people - why did y'all make frog eye salad

Boycotting Nothing but the Toot until I get to go on and cry for an hour

my weird roommate last night looking at my tinder matches << I HAVE SEEN HER AND HER DOG ITS A GOOD DOG >>

It's my favorite time of the day - lunch time bb!

note on the person who pushed the priest 

Go to request deferred payment on my fee bill, sees tuition waiver is not applied, starts crying

I spent way too long writing a policy so that if students say bigoted shit they will be asked to leave cause idgaf anymore.

First day of class doing a lecture on different theories of power and end with playing some sweet jams.
That's right. Dave Matthew's Band.
This is an educational setting.

Planning my lectures for next semester and sure I'm turning into the entire class into a discussion on ideology so that these 18 year olds will he pushed to think about American ideology and whether it is just or not
And sure I'm not telling my committee this

Better to ask forgiveness than permission

Anyone << what name do you think I should use? >>

Caring for your neighbor means helping those suffering.
Bonhoeffer in his theological reasoning for making a Church to smuggle Jews out of Germany and for planning to assassinate Hitler said that he needed to go to where Christ on the cross was - where the innocent were persecuted.

There is radical action you can do that is quiet. You can participate in traveling and skill sharing. You can let people know if you have housing for a neighbor. The quiet work is also praxis

Good time fun time is going through medic supplies to see how ready I am if I need to get on a bus and go help my neighbors.



racist dress codes 

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