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The paper I just submitted can be boiled down to 'Thoreau says that you gotta fight the government so let's Do this'

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Plato's thoughts on immigration are wild - only come if you have a trade, you leave after 20 years.
Well damn Plato.

you ever interact with conservative people in your field and leave just very that's not how any of this works

Bubbles stressed out whispering 'that guy is intense' is me everytime I bike in a school district.
I get it parents you don't want your kids to be late, but try not to hit me plz

I'm starting this year off with self confidence, and I need to figure out how to keep this going cause it feels good.

My latest strategy when I mispronounce an ancient Greek name is just to shrug and say, 'no one really knows so let's just talk about this content when plateau talks about laws around education'

Bike commuting in the cold is making me an angry person

<<2019 is a year of power moves>> I say wearing three sweatshirts, forgetting to pack enough food for lunch, hair going every which-a-way
<<yeah...power moves>>

I need to leave my office...but biking home is cold...

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Editors <<Thank you for the quick turnaround!>>
Me having written that draft before I even sent the pitch<<No problem!>>

every crime is a crime of passion if you love crime enough

Unpaid emotional labor for mediocre cismen can stay in 2018

Trying to find that balance of just 'keep my head down and do what needs to be done to get this degree' and calling out oppressive behaviors and having that impact the way I am treated by professors.

you ever just get stressed out when you see that your advisor emailed you?

Instead of reading Plato's 'Laws' I've been looking at the pages and sighing. I hate this

I love that my friend just spent basically two hours telling me I don't need the men in my department and that I'm already killing it.

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