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when anyone brings up Hegel at a party
me << I can feel the spirit of history taking me outta this room >>

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Wittgenstein & talking nonsense 

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Why Mr. Rogers is important today 

o dang gonna wear my binder for like 2 hours and then have to take it off cause it makes me feel my VNS battery pushing against my skin and that feels weird af

Is Alice's chart actually a thing
because...I think it could be.

you know when you leave a town and things come out about someone and then disappear and you have no idea what is happening still because they were in super peripherial circles and you no longer interact with the people who were connected to them so its just confused vagueries

gripe about anti-vegans 

gripe about anti-vegans 

Give trans people mechs
"are you gonna get laser?"

lewd lite 

shapeshifters, bestiality 

dennis rodman really predicted how the gays gonna dress

gonna write a very long, very up my own ass post chiding the absolutely nobody who said the thing i thought of to make myself mad

my primary partner << you're a gentile david rose >>
me << and you're basically moira >>
partner << ok so that made this weird >>

Remember the entire season of the L Word where their roommate is filming them and it ends up fine? That was weird

Louisiana law on consuming blood 

Louisiana law on consuming blood 

Pronouns nonsense 

Carmen trying to be cool with both Jenny and Shane is a lot like people I tried to date


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