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Why Mr. Rogers is important today Show more

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Palestine 🇵🇸 Show more

Palestine 🇵🇸 Show more

Misandry levels check:

100% chance of misandry today.

I want a cologne that smells like baby kittens

Alc, socializing Show more

Enbies are oppressed because we are all spaghetti connoisseurs and the anti-gluten lobby is keeping us down.

I'm not my own problematic fave, but I'm in my top ten

Sex, snacks Show more

How do I watch Eurovision
But more importantly

How do I get in

I have spilled so much alcohol and coffee on the floor and bed of this hotel I'm sorry. Vacation me is a garbage person

My partners mom and I have watched 2 seasons of Real Housewives and that's bonding

My hotel adventures are about to end.

Thank god

The check is in the mail - Big Trouble Little China

My weird roommate has taken over the hotel TV to watch anime.
What is this

I'm an organic intellectual in that my body is slowly decomposing

Zach Efron makes a good Ted Bundy got that average white man face

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