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Boycotting 13th Gate in BR 

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Nonbinary is not the same as gender nonconforming, and the way nonbinary identities are presented (particularly in academia) and discussed limits and erases nonbinary people who do not present in ways that people "expect."

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when anyone brings up Hegel at a party
me << I can feel the spirit of history taking me outta this room >>

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Wittgenstein & talking nonsense 

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Why Mr. Rogers is important today 

My partner sleepily kicked me out of bed going 'IM SICK I NEED THE BED'

so yep

Hitchcock using NO music in the confrontation in Rear Window so you only hear the light bulbs screwing into the camera and the flash

Interfaith relationship 

Grimm show, grad students 

love when murderers are just like 'cool I got a cellar so you know that's where the bodies go'

dinner update 

I wanna make food but's 9pm and I'll go to bed in like two hours.
Do I still make food?

I really really like the slow psychological build up of Hitchcock's movies, and I kind of miss that style.

I think the reason Rope never gets its due is because the action is in one apartment and it is purely uncomfortable, but there's no open action or movement. It's just focused and stressful and deliberately paced.

I haven't seen The Trouble with Harry
what do y'all think of it

refusing to feel bad. Fuck you body I will not be a slave to your whims

student to me << you say spicy a lot...what do you mean >>

I guess I'm old

an hour into Rear Window and hot damn I relate to these feelings

I live and die for Jimmy Stewart in a horror movie

he spooks me up

I love how this movie opens with Jimmy Stewart being painfully open and aware about how he is not the person Grace Kelly actually wants, it's heart breaking

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