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The Street Medic Wiki

This is a wiki that street medics made and cultivated with helpful information.
It has advice on what to do during sabotage actions, arrestable actions, hunger strikes, and others.

I do Not recommend practicing things you see on here that you don't know how to do (C-spine stabilization for example). I Do recommend going through articles and seeing what you feel good with and sharing that info with your crew.

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I love that journaling started with Puritans being like 'I need to record my failings'
which makes my current journal a historical reenactment

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Nonbinary is not the same as gender nonconforming, and the way nonbinary identities are presented (particularly in academia) and discussed limits and erases nonbinary people who do not present in ways that people "expect."

said it once, said it a thousand times
when the french want to make some fucked up media they really go for it

the french girl from killing eve and the french girl from ad vitam look at the exact same yet aren't dating

scotus amy 

when the Pope says "hey guys don't become cults" and someone from that group could be on the Supreme Court, feel like that should be investigated a lil bit

All is well. I did the grading right.
Unfortunately, you have to click on the document for the comment bubbles to pop up and people missed it.

lockdown - mental health 

I read somewhere that the most common time for big mental health dips during intense sustained pressure is the 6 month mark.

We're just now hitting the 6 month mark of covid, and the TL seems to be reflecting that.

The good news is that this sensation passes as long as you can hold steady through the next 3-4 weeks.

Looking for input, ways abused ppl communicate 

Someone I know talked about how people don't use language of "What game are playing?" to mean "Can I play?"
But this type of indirectness has been very common in my experience with children and adults who have experience abuse and/or neglect. The concern over being direct and asking for time or what have you ends up resulting with asking for things kind of sideways.

Is this actually a common way abused ppl communicate or am I skewed?

My therapist asked me to think of positives outcomes of quarantine. is the big one

comforting that my therapist is always late even in telehealth

why the hell did I decide to have a stressful meeting After therapy

this will not backfire at all 😎

i used to not understand why people said catholics were goths but then i realized thats because i thought it was normal that i saw the charred heart of a saint at church every week

Finally have therapy after having to reschedule a thousand times


Reminder to relax your shoulders and sit up reasonably straight if possible if you're at a desk right now, this reminder brought to you because I realized I was curled over my desk like the letter C and my shoulders were up around my ears


I hope you have an excellent day :)

unless you're a fascist; in that case, fuck you

does a dog die is super great but not really helpful with strobes because people will label anything as strobes

from like one lightning bolt, to moderately fast changes in color (like over 5 seconds), to actual strobes.
I never know what to trust - very annoying

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