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I, for one, never get sources or information given to me in a dream, and I think my subconscious needs to get on that shit.

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Ancient Aliens just told me that swords are made by aliens and plagues are also aliens so just a fyi we got a bad case of aliens

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Making a grocery list is just workshopping your voresona

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I love that journaling started with Puritans being like 'I need to record my failings'
which makes my current journal a historical reenactment

waiting for the train and a person ask me how old I was then asked for my skin care routine

Love when my university purges a course cause I didn't bill myself $0

It's always intriguing when my weird roommate or I go on trips cause we are both like

'LOL I'm alone and have no one to yell with oh no'

Food, happy, alc 

I Love oysters on a hot day.
Nothing like oysters and some beer.

10/10 combo

got booted out of my polyamory facebook group because i'm single??? any first amendment lawyers out here who can help me out?

Alright I got some rad sunglasses, a cursed sticker, and a black tote bag with a giant rat on it.

Flea markets are the best.
Almost got a beret. Almost.

@Cyborgneticz It’s because the aliens are the ones who wrote it. It’s all part of their plan to make us believe they didn’t build the pyramids.

The textbook has the History channel logo on it AND YET

no aliens

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Looking at my textbook about British imperialism that has charts for kids to fill out and one is labeled
"British racism leads to Sepoy Mutiny" with directions for kids to detail both British racism and also the mutiny.

Holy shit.
Teaching is hard.
Next week is exam prep.
I kinda just want to shrivel up.


The last amazing flea market I went to I got daggers. Elementary school kid got sold weapons without a parent and then wooden chalices.
I wonder if it's still easy to get weapons at flea markets.

Every city has the worst drivers and the biggest rats and the greyest sky and they're all the best city in the world

life is what you make of it, which is why I'm gonna microwave this can of red bull

I need to learn how to use msg now, and some of the other things my weird roommate bought

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