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QAnons running for US Political Office 2022 

As of now there are 19 candidates.
Check to see if your state has one!
Keep in mind Anons such as Tracy Diaz are in city councils in places like South Carolina, so check to see who is running on your councils.

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Ancient Aliens just told me that swords are made by aliens and plagues are also aliens so just a fyi we got a bad case of aliens

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Parasocial relationships are a lot.
Recently people have started expecting a lot from me, a lot more than I can give.
I love sharing. I love bonding with people. I love teaching. But I am a person with an illness that makes me seize if I get too stressed. And I'm getting stressed.
I can't handle the intrusions into my personal life or heightened expectations. I entertain a lot of that On Here because I'm worried about doxxing. I want to connect, but I also want boundaries.
So here's a bit 1/

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Making a grocery list is just workshopping your voresona

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I love that journaling started with Puritans being like 'I need to record my failings'
which makes my current journal a historical reenactment

I encourage y'all to look at the laws being passed in session - if only because some have been funny.

We're getting a few because of insurance fraud to which I say - bless everyone who scammed the government so much so that it now had to pass a law on it.

Looking at Maryland's politicians acting up worse than Louisiana's.


I ran 7k today!
I am struggling near the last 3 k because it just gets so hot n humid that I need to pause in the shade every half kilometer BUT it's happening.
I am getting closer to 10k! I run 8k saturday.

Friends we need mods! As of now we have 7 people signed up, and we have 20 presentations.

Please sign up if you're able.

My submission to Philomathes finally got published! Check it out in vol. 5.1. I neglected within the paper to thank Prof. Steve Reece for his guidance and Prof. Anne Groton for talking me into adding an ancient studies major the first day of my penultimate semester of undergrad so I could do this research at all.

A morning run is amazing until ita 9.30 and you havent had breakfast and also havent started working.

food, coworker 

one of my colleagues already wants me to teach em how to make gumbo 😂

Baltimore, food 

So I talked to a fellow Cajun about Baltimore.
He told me that when he visited he had to bring some tony's and hot sauce with him to crab boils because no one used spices.

I'm kinda worried.

advice if you're job searching in Louisiana 

if someone invites you for coffee after an interview - take it.
if you don't, you won't get the job.

if you get invited for coffee, they are inviting you to visit and you've unofficially joined the group. if you say no, you've rejected the group and thus no job for you.

I really miss laying down in a flatbed of a truck while it speeds around the country at night cause it's too hot inside to think.

friendliness levels are currently severe

(93%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Just a day being unprofessional 

I saw this well regarded professor in my dept at the cafe.
I, of course, updated them about all of the things and was so amazed when they were happy for my job.
They were like, "Oh wow it sounds so ideal!" And I don't know how to communicate with well regarded people so I talked too much and embarrassed myself


TXPol, firearms 

welp, thats it

Abbott signed permitless carry into law. It goes into effect September 1st.

if you live in texas, oh my god please be careful

Some changes:
*background check repealed stricken down
*no license required if there are no State or Federal restrictions
*initially the bill included a provision prohibiting cops from stopping and asking questions based on visual confirmation of a gun in open sight??? this has been taken off the bill
*senate added in an amendment that "enhances" punishments for felons and family violence offenders caught with a firearm


Tfw you wear a mask because air quality

Fuck oil n gas making the air literal poison

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My computer just yelled at me.
Baton Rouge and New Orleans got air quality alerts.

Until 8pm we are advised to stay inside and not go exercise or breathe outside.


Religion, pers 

July 4 is the first day I get to attend new Church.
I've never attended a Jesuit church!

Ah yes two weeks and no trash pickup.
A joy.
I love the smell of garbage in the Louisiana heat.

Academic cognitive dissonance - the consistent hope that "this time my rough draft will be a final draft!" despite knowing it will require at least 5 rounds of revision before suitable to go anywhere

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