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when anyone brings up Hegel at a party
me << I can feel the spirit of history taking me outta this room >>

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Wittgenstein & talking nonsense 

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Why Mr. Rogers is important today 

you ever just follow someone on a social media platform to be like << ah an ideologue in the wild >>

my straight friend << man you queer folx gotta get better at making having sex on fainting couches a thing again >>
me << have never been on a fainting couch >>

I kinda want to cancel my birthday party cause of comp anxiety, but my partner is so excited to celebrate and my friends are already pumped and my girlfriend is so excited too.
It's probably good to get out. Plus it's on Thursday.

mh, food 

well guess I'm gonna call a dermatologist from this list of medicaid covered ones to check out this lump on my shoulder

tell you what queer tradcats are the weirdest people Ive ever met

skel and me in an odd-couple type show where i accidentally burn his copy of robert's rules for kindling

always remember, just because i’m not posting, doesn’t mean I’m not watching in total silence

🌈psa pls get ur flu shot this season to protect those who cannot!!!! 🌟 (ec)

grad school makes me spend too much time around cishets

mh, comps 

SOPHIE's music is like Nine Inch Nails went into pop music. I love it

UGH make a lil comment about how it's really cool that the Greek life student critiqued capitalism and a dude << UHM ARISTOTLE IS MORE CAPITALISTIC >>

Did I casually dress a student down in a really friendly way for simplifying religion to a "tool of politicians", when in fact a lot of religions are intensely critical of politicians?
I also might have cited Sibley's article on the Hebrew Prophets and the discourse on Jerusalem v Athens debate idk.

o dang expanding the suggested reading list to give students the option to write a thing for extra credit huzzah

I asked my students why they immediately thought Hobbes was more applicable to the world than Aristotle and they were like << uhm cause capitalism makes us out for ourselves >>

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