@Cyborgneticz The Switch is good - it's a sitcom featuring a mostly trans cast.


It's not on netflix or hulu & it's not free, but if you're willing & able to pay for it, it's (in my opinion) worth it.

I also liked Special (netflix original), which is about a gay dude.

If you're willing to branch out from comedy, I have more suggestions

@j I'm definitely going to look into this, broke right now, but it looks fun.

I'm stuck on comedies right now because I'm Super stressed and just want some jokes

@Cyborgneticz I think there's a queer comedy that has Patrick Stewart in a support acting role. I'll try to find it.

@Cyborgneticz It's called Jeffery and it's from 1995. I cannot guarantee if it's actually funny, as I've yet to see it. I heard about it looking for a film for my boyfriend and I to watch on Valentine's day.

@Cyborgneticz The movie or us? If it's us then it's only him. He's the cute one.

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