hey you?
sit up your back is gonna hurt if you keep looking like a single parenthese

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@Ophillous had to google that cause it's been a thousand years since I've taken biology

@Cyborgneticz the only reason I remember mitosis is because of the silly "ouch, my toe, sis!" joke

@Cyborgneticz a cell splits in half, and as she does, the new cell ends up stepping on her foot

shocked, she yells at her sibling and says "ow, my toe sis!"

@Cyborgneticz not having heard a joke doesn't make you not smart! statistically speaking, the jokes I have not and will never hear must outnumber the ones I have heard a million to one

@Ophillous next time I don't know a joke I'll just stress nap.
the depression and stress of not having a lot of time for comps is getting me

@Cyborgneticz that sounds absolutely brutal, I'm very much in a similar "I need so much time to rest but I'm only sleeping about 4-6 hours a night and I'm perpetually busy for the rest" kind of depression and stress episode, and it sucks

@Ophillous I feel that. It's not a good time when your depression is just doing a 'lemme just fuck you over a lil bit.'

@Ophillous it's the worst, and my girlfriend is texting me sweet things but like...I don't have the energy to be like, 'Thanks you're great' even though that's the norm and I know tonight when I go home my partner is going to have dinner for me and also gonna be sweet but I want to curl up and just be alone

what if there was a free hotel for depression naps

@Cyborgneticz oh lord that's such a relatable thing; it's not that you aren't appreciative of the work and effort they're putting in, but it's that it's so much energy that isn't there to try and show and voice and truly feel those kinds of feelings

I'm opening the first depression nap hotel and it's the nearest closet to you

@Ophillous Yeh drafting a text to my partner that says 'Just fyi pretty depressed and I'll have to work from home today. If I seem real sad, just ignore me cause I need to cry to get the feelings out, I think this was triggered by all the stress yesterday. Love you.' Feel like thats good??

Into it. Move to Louisiana from Canada it's basically the same except it feels like your blood is boiling from the heat

@Cyborgneticz I think that's a very emotionally mature and well articulated message for you to send honestly.

Hmm, I could do that, OR: you come move to Montreal with me (I'll be moving in like a year hopefully) and we can get living spaces near each other and have a very sitcom-style life situation

"they're from Ottawa, they're from Louisiana, and they're in way over their heads"

@Ophillous :HeartTrans: Thanks. Sometimes I can be rude accidentally when I'm just upset so that's good to know I'm not being rude.

That'd rule. I will be looking at jobs in Canada when I get my PhD. I'll be like 'J'ai besoin d'aide avec mon francais parc-que ma famille parle le francais acadien, et les accents autres sont difficiles pour moi. Aussi, mon francais est...mauvais.'

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@Cyborgneticz I was making a joke about escher (the artist) and it being some really funky fucked-up form of mitosis

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