My 'conservative' student in talking about deportation said 'unjust deportation' which honestly made my fucking week

When people give up on the South, they are leaving behind these students, who actively change their mind when challenged.

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@Cyborgneticz when we allow these young impressionable minds to be left to their parents and right wing abusive propaganda, they will likely remain unchanged. their minds are often open to other points of view if just given the chance to learn. i've seen it before, one of my close friends in high school was a guns and america loving right winger who i kept talking to and said my pov, when i left for uni he got into those paintball crews thats a bunch of asshole incels and extremists but

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@Cyborgneticz because of me and my friend's impact he's now a leftist and broke off from the group because he called them out and is joining the SRA lol

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@bruja That's amazing! I hate when people automatically give up already on others because people can be reached, maybe not by me, but by someone and it makes me upset. Like if you and your friends had given up he'd be a fucking asshole. Now look at him! It's like once students leave and go to college they are way more open cause they aren't with their family.

@Cyborgneticz giving up on a very specific section of the northeast consisting of a few specific buildings

@ben Me when I went to Boston n was like - this shit is worst than the South

@Cyborgneticz the buildings I was thinking of are south west of boston

@ben I was staying with someone in Emerson so I'm not super familiar with all of Boston but we can just put a lil warning sign around it

@Cyborgneticz the place I was thinking of isn't technically in a state

@Cyborgneticz the buildings are white and one is even named white

@ben who does I mean they didn't have women's bathrooms close to the floor until a bit ago

@Cyborgneticz that seems more like a symptom than a cause

@ben How many revolutions havent been built on the need to pee though

@Cyborgneticz this reminds me of my favorite musical


@ben as a person about to be a Doctor I can safely say that I only speak in facts no lies or exaggerations I am a fact machine

@Cyborgneticz one of the best things about the college which I attended was that it couldn't really attract the most conservative students, but it looked pretty safe to conservative Christian students and then would spit you out liberal or even leftist. I still recall my dorm neighbor Kim who had Bush '04 signs in her window and by 05 was showing up to anti-war/disarmament/Palestinian liberation, etc. events. I still am in touch w/her and she's hella left.

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