Question for dissertation writing groups 

I'm trying to think of people to make a good writing group with.
If you had a writing group -
what worked well for y'all?

I'm definitely nixing the people I'm dating, and people I know I get too excited with. But I'm trying to think about positive traits to look for.
Never had a writing group with more than one person...which isn't really a group

Question for dissertation writing groups 

@Cyborgneticz Working with people in my cohort has been great! We overlap enough that we don't have to explain our whole field but differ enough that we have to sharpen our thoughts to communicate with each other. More importantly, we already like each other, we're already comfortable sharing unfinished work with each other, and we're on somewhat similar timelines.

It really helps if ppl can commit--it's disruptive when folks come sporadically. Good luck!

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