On Covid-19 and rushing therapeutics to the clinic 

There's a reason why we have all the ethical hoops to jump through before new or re-purposed treatments get to the clinic

If you skip a step for expediency, you might not know that your treatment also causes birth defects or has adverse effects in certain minority groups

So it all comes down to which groups' welfare we prioritize in times of emergency

On Covid-19 and rushing therapeutics to the clinic 

Also, keep careful track of the upcoming use or non-use of Intellectual Property

Compare it with the case of giving queers Truvada, an effective and safe medication that prevents HIV transmission

"Who will pay for it?"

"If you don't want to get HIV, maybe you should keep it in your pants"

Watch how fast the straight people bend over backward to ensure that the Covid-19 drug is available to all, no matter how irresponsible straight people were

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@bgcarlisle I have been thinking about this. This is a plague that impacts people who never have had medicine denied to them because the plague wasn't against them...and that will change everything.

@Cyborgneticz @bgcarlisle hmm… so the only reason it didn't everything 100 years ago… was… the world war, and that medicine wasn't actually as developed as it is today

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