Judith Butler, Frames of War, sexuality 

The third chapter of Frames of War is dedicated to a discussion of how queerness is used Against people primarily through the channels of immigration, secularization, and family.
Queerness is a benchmark for how progressive how Now a people and nation are. If queer ppl arent protected then that nation is seen as backwards and unfree. Western nations are More free than other countries and then are beacons that the rest of the world should follow.
Now the

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Butler, Frames of War 

legal equality between queers n str8s isnt bad and isnt what Butler is interested in - shes interested in how queerness is used to dehumanize Muslim ppl. She explicitly uses Muslim and not Arab because of these practices.
Beginning with the Netherlands. A practice in immigration is showing a potential immigrant a picture of two gay people kissing and asking if they're okay with it. This seems fine. But they arent asking far right bigots the same questions. They arent showing

Butler, Frames of War 

pictures of women wearing veils to other immigrants or to politicians to gauge their tolerance. Instead, tolerance of queerness is the barometer for whether or not a person is acceptable to be a part of that country. Queerness becomes coercive. You can be a bigot but you have to be bigoted in the Right ways.
The second point is that of the family. Legally marking out kinship makes stable norms. The backlash against gay couples who raise a child of the opposite gender to the

Butler, Frames of War 

parents raises quarrels over whether that child will learn gender properly. Similarly, immigrant mothers who have difficulty getting their family over are socially seen as not being competent enough to raise their children Right. The laws around family mark out that the gays and Muslims, particularly Muslim women are Different. They are Not comparable to the others, but gay people are still preferable to Muslim women. Because Muslim women are a threat to whiteness.

Butler, Frames of War 

The third measure is secularism. Reshaping families and queer freedom is a success of the secular state. Thus visual practices Have to be eradicated. We saw this in France in the heated debates over women wearing veils. The rhetoric became paternalistic - these poor women in an oppressive religion, they cant choose this, they have be liberated. Muslim women become childlike. They need to be freed from their religion. They are a walking threat to secularism, to progress.

Butler, Frames of War 

Tolerance of queer people becomes a weapon against Muslim people, regardless of their queerness or opinions on queer people. Muslim people are designated as backwards barbaric children who must be forced into progressive secularism through any means possible - until then, they are not fully human.

My lecture sans discussion prompts.

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