bunch of trans academics: you could have been using your chosen name all along
me: WHAT
trans academics: yeah your CV and journal titles aren't legal documents
me: WHAT

so trans academics who aren't aware of this, you can use your chosen name everywhere


can’t you have a double badge with both identities, so you can have also official documents, like in Italy ?


@celesteh @Cyborgneticz

The double badge is more for ordinary students, in Italy...

@Cyborgneticz yup! this applies to all careers too pretty much. back before we had our name changed we used to just use our chosen name on all our documents until interview processed required us to sign something, at which point it'd be much more clearly they're discriminating if they decided to back out then.

@Cyborgneticz Also, check your local signature laws, in many countries you can also sign stuff under your new name (because your signature just has to be consistent, not in any way legible or related to your legal name)

@L12C @Cyborgneticz after the army, my signature changed to a scribble, cuz i had to sign it seven million times a day

@L12C @Cyborgneticz The USA is one such country, oddly enough, despite our hyper-authoritarian "free market" government.

And if anyone complains, you need only point to any doctor and ask them to read their signatures. If they still don't shut up, they're blatantly being transphobic and you can safely make decisions based on that information.

@KitsuneAlicia @L12C @Cyborgneticz WAIT! There are countries in which you are supposed to sign with your name alone!? Here it always has been "make a drawing that only you can draw and repeat over again" and most people are creativeless enough to use their name or a derivate of it.
Heck, some years ago a gal became a short living TV meme for signing with the drawing of a rat when voting

@matias93 @KitsuneAlicia @L12C @Cyborgneticz

🍬Fun fact: it is customary for non-unicorns to have our cutie mark engraved on the soles of our shoes as our method of signing documents 🍬

@Cyborgneticz I think I learned this from Uncle Wuffle and McNollGast.

The latter confused the crap out of me for at least a couple of years.

@mplouffe blew my mind, growing up seeing a lot of specialists and having government services it was like 'DON'T LIE ABOUT YOUR INFO' so I assumed it wasn't allowed

@Cyborgneticz Oh I've maybe definitely thought about publishing stuff under different names, but I kinda need the pubs right now.

@Cyborgneticz WHAT?

That's.../good/ to know!

[I'm not transgender and don't intend on switching names, but!]

@IceWolf @Cyborgneticz you can always want to held a decades-long dumb academic feud with your alter ego

@Cyborgneticz my uni has this process where you can put a preferred name on everything that isn't a legal document through a simple form

although your ID card has to have both names on it...

@cdmnky we have that last bit and we had that but then they switched to this university wide system made for corporations that Has your "preferred name" but it still reads as your birth name anyway

@Cyborgneticz Yeah, but once you've published under one name you have to keep using it forever or no one can find you ever again.

They are TRYING to get everyone to use OCRID IDs but.... yeah. No one searches by those even with journals pushing it as hard as they can.

See: Someone with a stupid common name that lots of other people publish under.

@Canageek I've seen quite a few trans people change their names and not have many issues.

@Cyborgneticz Might be chemistry/physical science specific? I know other fields rely on papers and citations less and other things (books, conference presentations) more.

Its enough of an issue most women who get married in Chemistry that I've seen still publish under their maiden name even if they change their name.

@Canageek Yeah that might be it. I know political science relies heavily on pubs But from what I hear people are more sympathetic in social sciences and humanities.
Sounds like the classic divide between hard sciences and hss to me!

@Cyborgneticz Its more that people will let you write whatever you want, but everone's habit when wanting to find more papers by the same author is to search the name.

Hard silence is pushing the move to ORCID ID to fix this: I think the ACS might be one of the hosts of it?

@Canageek aaah I see. The change in social sciences to be like 'OH OKAY WE UNDERSTAND NOW' is pretty recent, and like there's still a push to publish under your chosen name asap so they don't confuse you. I'm lucky that I only have one pub under my birth name, and the next one is going to be my chosen name and so on.

ORCID would be great!

@Cyborgneticz Yeah, my birth name is really common so there are multiple chemists publishing under it and multiple people in the Cambridge Structural Database with my name.

But I've now got 7 publications or so under it

@Canageek Oof yeah that's a lot.
Changing this as a PhD student is nice because like now is the time you start to get published

@Cyborgneticz I got three publications in my first year, and wasn't first author on them so didn't have a chance to change it.

@Cyborgneticz Two papers from my undergrad came out in my first year, and on from another group member I had one structure in, and that was before I really had a feel for what I was doing.

Plus I would have just swapped my first and middle names anyway, which isn't' what I"m using now.

@Canageek political theory is all self author so it takes a thousand years

@Cyborgneticz Yeah, chemistry single author is rare, would mean the prof did the lab work themselves. The smallest number I have on a paper is two, the largest is....14?

@Canageek bananas. it's wild cause theory just accepts that you might apply to jobs with 2-3 publications, and the acceptance rates keep lowering and lowering but the job market wants people to mad amounts of pubs. it makes me so mad.

@Cyborgneticz The write whatever you want is also an issue as its a pain to search for as people will publish you as

Alan Wake
Alan B. Wake
A. Wake
A. B. Wake

And those all may or may not be the same person and it depends on journal style and what the first author wrote down which they use

@Cyborgneticz Good to know, still waiting for my grant proposal to be updated to my new name so ORCID stops outing me tho :s

@Cyborgneticz @er1n i wonder how open, for all the diversity seminars and whatnot, conference organizers are to that sort of thing in practice. I wanna say fairly, but tbh I have no idea

@Cyborgneticz indeed! My entire professional career is using a name I haven't been able to get the government to accept as mine.

It's not just transgender folks, though, there are a reasonable number of female academics who changed their legal names when they got married (in some places that's legal, or even required) but who continue to publish under their maiden names.

@Cyborgneticz I mean there was some dude who required a second author so he put his cat on there for keeping him company so

@Cyborgneticz lots of employers have a "preferred name" slot too. Just keep an eye out and make sure to do the following during interviews: "My name is Avery but I have a different legal name that's [redacted]". It's worked for me 2/2 times so far

@Cyborgneticz confirming this. I can’t change my legal name yet due to immigration status. I’ve been to half a dozen conferences under my chosen name, I’m publishing a peer-reviewed article, nobody asked me to check my passport even once.

also you can list your old stuff in your CV with your new name (using ORCID may help). in my experience nobody questions it, but if they do, you can just explain the situation. it’s not forbidden.

@melissaboiko @Cyborgneticz my first paper is under my deadname. I haven't tried to get it updated on the indexing sites let alone the journal, but I think such things may be possible sometimes. (I'm okay with being that out, and my deadname is still on my passport anyway.)

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