y'all my friends doing jail support are making themselves physically ill from pulling late shifts little sleep
and they need more people

reach out to jail support crews they need new people


@Cyborgneticz if it's alright to ask, how does one find a jail support crew? are there any lists?


@myconidiosyncrasy the groups that are doing bail funds are often the same people, so I'd contact them and just email and ask how to help.


@myconidiosyncrasy @Cyborgneticz an approach ive found works for folks is, if you are completely outside of social circles that would be able to introduce you, to look on twitter for “(city) jail support” and hit “latest”.

there’ll almost certainly be someone broadcasting a need for people and/or supplies at a location. If you go to that spot and look for the group of people, introduce yourself, and quite possibly be pointed to a different spot where you’re needed more.

wear a mask obv, and dress for standing around all day.

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