Friends, Romans, Citizens - is coming, and we are asking you to sign up for the panels you want to see

We will email you the day before to remind you of the panel that you signed up for, along with the link.

School is going to be in session. Come to class.

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Hi friends. We forgot to add my closing remarks to the schedule! It's on there now,
but I'll be saying some words at the end of this.

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Can't see event details:

Hope the fediverse is not using proprietary event host platforms...

@citc We are using platforms that we know how to use.
Seeing as how this is the first one, and we planned it pretty quickly(!) we are using this as a learning opportunity for if we decide to do this again.

A pity; a lost opportunity to learn something new. No worries! :)

@citc We've organized this over two weeks so far.
We are taking lots of notes to see how we can improve!

@citc lol if youre going to be rude about fossware go organize your own conference, leave us alone

rudeness? fossware? Sorry for the ignorance; perhaps lost in translation, "no worries"...

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