having a friend work for USPS is cool cause I get scoops like
ooh these new policies are to make people leave at specific times for their routes to make them look unreliable and can make mail delayed so then people don't trust them

and it's a bummer cause it's not a conspiracy theory


to sum it up - the USPS as an institution is being actively undermined to seem inefficient and bad at their jobs to then become a failed institution and then

privatized post

@Cyborgneticz too bad the constitution needs to be amended to make that a reality....


Someone needs to take a few pot shots at the next rally me thinks

@kemonine@pleroma.kemonine.infthey keep doing these things...
and you just...feel things

@Cyborgneticz@scholar.social i've been excruciatingly angry about what is being done to the USPS ever since they got bullied into working on Sundays

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