Please don't respond with 'thank you' when I send out the emails with links for the talks.
I email around 60 people. I love all of y'all, and you're so sweet, but your sweetness is destroying my inbox.
I do feel very appreciated though.


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@Cyborgneticz On the topic of #summerschool, have you (or Someone Else) considered spinning up a Peertube at for folks to upload their talks to?

@pettter @cxli We've been looking into where to put the talks up afterwards if people have recorded them. We want to wait until after the conference is done to see if we have enough videos to warrant the labor to put them up (simply because it takes so long and it's the two of us right now handling everything).
So in short - we're looking into it 😎
Realizing that next time we'll need more than 2 ppl for everything

@LaCrecerelle @pettter @cxli thank you!
Everything now is just making sure people get the info, but if you would boost n spread the announcements thatd be great or even rewrite them and put them on your own TL. The PR bit can be hard to reach everyone!

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