Tomorrow for 's conclusion feel free to dress up (I will be, but dressing up is really just 'not wearing pajamas').
It'll be a short thank you, and we can all digitally hangout afterwards!

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@bgcarlisle I've talked about so many of these presentations to my friends, and they're consistently like 'that was free???'

@Cyborgneticz I'm sorry to have missed so many cos of being on shift and whatnot 😭

@noctiluca it's okay! I hope you can make tomorrow's thank yous at least cause I want to have a fun time with folks

@noctiluca Hell yeah. I got a shirt from Zara that's chaotic and rad as fuck I'm so excited

@noctiluca it's gonna rule. you're gonna see it and go 'WOW IS THAT ITALIAN FUTURISM OR A CONFUSED THIRD GRADERS ART OR PEAK ART IDK'

@Cyborgneticz It has been a really really wonderful event, can't wait to see it off with a thank you and a fond farewell!

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