Ancient Aliens just told me that swords are made by aliens and plagues are also aliens so just a fyi we got a bad case of aliens

@InternetEh @Cyborgneticz hats, for the same reason. especially for bald people. when everyone stopped wearing hats outdoors is when WWII happened, also aliens.

@purple typical ancient alien behavior according to *looks at list* some dudes

@purple the power is in the hair the wilder it is the stronger the thoughts

@purple oh damn so they are the aliens that are in alien jail I see now it all comes together

@Cyborgneticz there's one where they claim that bigfoots are aliens brought to earth by other aliens to mine gold

@Cyborgneticz They're from inside of the planet, they just don't want you lookin for them so they say they are from far far away. Silly Cybin might actually be alien though.

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