Whenever I read Benjamin my mind always wanders in weird places, and I wonder if that is intended. His work is allegories and stories and the true language is that of the Divine and what better way to get close to that language that attend to it sideways
Or I just have a hard time focusing on his style. You know either one

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I get so fed up when I read Benjamin. There's something so audacious about him.

@teethteethteeth I really enjoy him probably because of that But I don't really buy his approach. I think he has the right critiques of many political moments, but his method is a mess. Wittgenstein, to me at least, has an approach that I think gets at language better.

I think the audacity is why his approach is sometimes lack luster. The dude thought he could answer questions Plato struggled with in a journal article.

But that sounds like an interesting book! I should know more about/of Wittgenstein.

@teethteethteeth That's fair.

It's really good! It combines history and philosophy in a way that's really well done. It could be cluttered as hell, but it does an excellent job of breaking down their theories and also what is happening while they develop this shit.

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