US, covid 

just read the NYT piece on the US not reaching herd immunity, and I'm so frustrated

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US, covid 

@Cyborgneticz When healthcare workers started turning it down, I knew this would happen

Tbh, I think unless you have a previously diagnosed reason that you CAN'T take the vaccine, you should lose your license to practice over this. We are already required to do things like have a neg TB and other vaccines to practice, this should be no different.

US, covid 

@ItsJenNotGabby I agree.
I'm also fine with 'vaccine passports.' It's all absurd and frustrating. I hate that the reluctance for vaccination is all based in so many different claims n ideas that it's impossible to counter them all in a blanket effective manner. Instead it feels like we're addressing them one by one and that just delays things...ugh

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