I think a lot about how rural rage makes a lot of sense and how leftists are really fucking up by giving up on rural areas.
But then the leftists I know living and working in rural red areas have been called 'far right sympathizers' because they're in it for the long haul changing people's minds and doing solidarity work rather than...just argue with people. Be their neighbor. Work with em. Live with em. Be in community.

@Cyborgneticz I generally don't like to talk about how "leftists" in general are ignoring one group or another, for this very reason - there are plenty of leftists that in fact belong to those communities and/or work with them .

The political parties and more mainstream activist groups might be more visible, but "the left" isn't (and shouldn't be) a centralized and monolithic group.


@eldaking Yup yup. I do get frustrated with city folks who don't connect with rural leftist activists and make monolithic assumptions. Makes me shake my fist.

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