Why are people talking about 30 year olds as though that is an Old Life Stage? Y'all know your 30s is still young

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@benhamill @healyn Yeeeessss party time! Whatever partying means for yooouuu
(every birthday the past two years' party has been Chinese take out and naps)

@Cyborgneticz my teens and 20s sucked. being 30+ is where its at and these kids dont even know it yet.

@glitter I'm turning 30 in September, and I am fucking pumped. I cannot wait to be outta these nasty ass 20s. 28 onwards were good, but everything else? No. Just a whole hot mess of figuring myself out and therapy. I'm stable and ready to have a good time 😎

@Cyborgneticz because there are a lot of outdated clichés about what we're supposed to have achieved by now.

The penny hasn't dropped for people 20+ years our senior that the economy is now very different from the one they grew up in. Also their kids learned from all the divorces they kept having that maybe they should wait until they figure out what they want from life first 😂

@Cyborgneticz I think that's a cultural thing?
Imo getting children = old
and at least in Germany it feels like most people that want children are getting them with 30-35?

@fluff Iunno I'm Cajun and people tend to marry young mid to late 20s and have kids around late 20s, but I wouldn't call them old.

@Cyborgneticz o.o sooo early
that sounds to me, a naive outsider, like those people don't have lives on their own
idk, as soon as you have kids here, you don't have a life of your own anymore or ever again

@fluff Growing up it was common to have parties and events and for parents to go out and dance so like yeah their lives change but it's not over. Also families usually are really interwoven so its normal for one family to take over kids for a few weeks while parents go travel or something.
I will say Cajun culture isnt the norm for America.

@Cyborgneticz sounds really comfy though to not be so alone with it!
I think if I would get kids my parents would be helpful too up to a certain degree, but not as much as it sounds like it's normal in your surroundings, and I think I am in the minority of people that actually have good relationships to their parents (this could be my social bubble though)

@fluff yeah good intergenerational support and big families help for sure! I dont have kids and am turning 30 and me and my partner arent married so I'm the weird one 😂 but I do really like that adults continue to have lives while also being parents and having kids around. One of my cousins has two infants and he and his wife still do d&d sessions with friends n have parties. And since it's normal no one reacts weirdly if theres a party break to change diapers or feed a baby or whatever

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