Did your secondary school have an arts integration specialist?

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@Aleums So their job is to assist teachers with using art.
So, for example, when my students made zines as revolutionaries fighting industrialism in Europe - if the school had an arts integration specialist they'd help me.

@Aleums Right? When I found out someone I know's partner does that as a job, I was like "aaaaah I need someone like that at my school!"

Cause I'm making my 10th grade world history very art heavy, for a few reasons. One being that the process of Doing it will be really helpful. Like in the process of making monologues as futurists, they're going to have to study how futurists integrated fascist thought into their works. The purpose is that by doing this they'll learn media literacy and we'll 1/

@Aleums do some follow up on propaganda.

Having an actual arts integration specialist would make this a LOT easier.

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