I, for one, never get sources or information given to me in a dream, and I think my subconscious needs to get on that shit.

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@Cyborgneticz it was revealed to me in the tarot reading I had my ex give me at 2 am after eating an entire bag of Trader Joe's yogurt covered pretzels

@pixouls @Cyborgneticz it was given to me in a dream, and when i woke up it was real, and then i woke up again.

@emenel @Cyborgneticz it was revealed to me by my roommate who said I was talking in my sleep again and woke him up

@Cyborgneticz They don't let everybody remember. But there are loopholes, like tricking the three fates you can do it but you gotta do it quick to get relics in many cases.

@Cyborgneticz I think @cwebber said she sometimes get Scheme code given to her in a dream.

@bsmall2 @Cyborgneticz lisp structured code in general! only programming language I dream in, and it's visual

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