Here ye Here ye

If you would like to present at the fediverse's free and absolutely volunteer run and fully interdisciplinary conference going on for its third year?
Well have I got news for you - you can

Please holler at me, DM @SummerSchool any questions you have.
Can't wait to see y'all in class 😎


I want to but I need to stop being frustrated and mad and stuff before I fill anything out, else it's just gonna be bad.

@drwho @SummerSchool We've had presentations from anything ranging from spiders, AC (I talk about this talk all the time), musicology, bioethics, art and phenomenology, math and quantum physics, theater and tiktok. So we are fully interdisciplinary!

@Cyborgneticz @SummerSchool Got room for a talk about learning to write parsers from scratch?

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